Windows improve the aesthetics of your habitat, at the expense of structural integrity.


― PDA, Dialogue


The Window is a Seabase component intended to allow the player to view the outside world from within Seabase modules. They are constructed with the Habitat Builder and lower the integrity value by one unit.

They can be placed on the side-panels, end-panels, and the ceilings of all compatible modules. A Window's shape and size will vary depending on the specific Seabase module it is attached to as well as where on the module it is placed.

Windows can be placed on:

  • All 8 walls in the Multipurpose Room
  • All 4 walls and on the ceiling of the Basic Compartment (one on each end, one on each side, and one on top)
  • All 6 wall areas of the Moonpool (2 windows on each of the long walls, 1 on each of the short walls)
  • 1 wall in the Scanner Room


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