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The Repair Tool is a tool used to repair damage to Vehicles and Seabases, as well as the generator on board the Aurora. It has an Energy level, which can be replenished with a Battery.

Currently unused animations from Trello suggests that the Repair Tool will operate using consumable canisters of welding material in the future, rather than batteries.[1]

Uses Edit

The Repair Tool can be used to replenish the health of the Seamoth and PRAWN Suit. It can also repair breaches that form in the generator room in the Aurora, thus causing the radiation to begin to dissipate, or to fix holes in the hull of the Cyclops and most Seabase modules. It can also be used to repair the sparks coming from the panel on the left of the Fabricator in Lifepod 5. This repairs it and changes the way the Lifepod looks. The Repair Tool can also be used to repair the Lifepod's Communications Relay, which fixes it and allows messages to come through.

If a Bleeder latches onto the player's arm, the player can use the Repair Tool to hit the Bleeder.


MagnesiumCrash PowderTitaniumArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Repair Tool

Data Bank EntryEdit

Rather than heating components until they melt, the modern welder stitches wires and seams back together at an atomic level, directed by an on-board AI. All good technicians keep one of these under their pillow.

Gallery Edit


  • The idea for the Repair tool may be taken from Natural Selection 2, where the Welder is used to repair various machinery, much like this one.
  • The original name for the Repair Tool was the Welder.


  1. Dated December 3, 2014.

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