The Water Filtration Machine is a Habitat Compartments module and is constructed via the Habitat Builder that gives the player a stable and consistent supply of water. It can only be built on a wall in a Multipurpose Room.

The Water Filtration Machine utilizes Energy from the seabase to desalinate the ocean water. It will slowly produce Salt and Large Filtered Water. The Water Filtration Machine has an internal storage of four items and will stop working once it is filled. It will always store two pieces of salts and two bottles of water. This means that if the Player takes out the water, but leaves the salt inside, it will replace the water but not generate any more salt. When added to a base, the Water Filtration Machine will lower the Hull Integrity by 2.0 units. 

The Water Filtration Machine uses 1.25 points of Energy per second (taken two or three at a time) and can be powered nonstop with 5 Solar Panels per Water Filtration Machine. Using this setup, a small amount of excess Energy (approximately 30-40) will be leftover by the end of the night and can be used for other base functions. While the machine has no off switch and will constantly produce water, it will stop operating so long as its inventory is full.

It takes about 15 minutes and 40 seconds to finish one unit of Large Filtered Water and 7 minutes and 40 seconds to finish one unit of Salt, but it works on both at the same time.


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Data Bank EntryEdit

The filtration system draws water unfit for human consumption from an external source, atomically splits it into its constituent parts, and outputs consumable liquid water and salts, while disposing of any harmful by-product. It can be built in any compatible habitat module, but has substantial power requirements.

The Alterra Water Filtration System: Any liquid into pure, refreshing, pH-balanced water? Yes sir, ANY liquid!