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The Warper, or the Self-Warping Quarantine Enforcer Unit, is a bio-mechanical lifeform created by the Precursors, belonging to the fauna category. It has the ability to create a teleportation gate, it uses this to warp itself and other life forms at will. Warpers may be found in some of the deeper biomes (those that go lower than roughly 300 meters), but are especially prevalent around Precursor Bases.

An inactive Warper, along with many separate Warper parts can be found within the Disease Research Facility, having been stopped mid-construction likely due to the attack on the facility by the Sea Dragon Leviathan. This inactive Warper can be scanned to obtain the Self-Warping Quarantine Enforcer Unit data bank entry.


The Warper's head is round and flat, with two small flat sacs visible behind it. It sports a circular mouth comprising of a pair of mandibles to either side and two large, blunt teeth in the centre. It has four small eyes that give out a distinct purple bioluminescent glow.

Its body is mostly covered with a purple, cloak-like membrane overlaying its translucent pale blue body. Visible within its body is a dark purple ribcage-like formation, many bright pink bioluminescent veins and what appears to be a heart. It also features two spiked arms cloaked with a transparent blue membrane.

The Warper's lower section consists of six tentacles, of which only the two transparent blue tentacles are used for propulsion, while the rest serve as the end tips of its main body's cloak.


The Warper can shoot projectiles, which deal 10% damage per hit, and will teleport the player or any fauna to a random nearby location. It travels in seemingly random directions, seeking out creatures infected with the Carar bacterium. Once it detects one, it will fire a teleportation orb at it (It is possible to dodge the orbs and avoid being warped). If the orb is dodged it will travel for a short distance and then warp in aggressive fauna corresponding to the biome which the player is in. For example, if the player is in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, the Warper could teleport in a Blood Crawler, a Blighter, an Ampeel or a Crabsquid. The number of Fauna warped in can also vary, with small creatures like Biters and Blighters, anywhere from two to six can be warped in at one time, with medium-sized creatures such as Lava Lizards and Bonesharks up to two can be warped in at once, and with large creatures like Crabsquids and Ampeels, one may be warped in at a time. These creatures will stay for a short amount of time before the portal reopens and they disappear. The Warper will also warp the player in the path of aggressive fauna, resulting in limited reaction time from the player.

When at close range, the Warper will attack with its claws, raising them above its head and then bringing them down onto its target with considerable force and dealing 30% damage.

If a player is operating a Seamoth or PRAWN Suit, a Warper can teleport the player out of the vehicle into nearby waters. This leaves the player highly vulnerable to attacks that they would be impervious to inside that vehicle.

The Warper creates a portal that has a spiraling effect and will stay open for a few seconds. When the player is hit by the Warper, it plays an animation similar to the Precursor Teleporter.

The Warper can be seen chasing infected fauna, and attempting to kill them.

When the Warper teleports, either teleporting or just teleported, it will emit a loud hiss-like noise. It will often try to teleport behind the player; thus, it is advised to listen for the Warper, rather than look for it. 

When a Warper is frozen by the Stasis Rifle, it will freeze for a few moments before warping out, meaning the tool has limited use against them. 

Warpable CreaturesEdit

Creatures that Warpers will bring in to attack their target, which creatures will be warped in is dependent on the biome that the Warper is in. The creatures will then proceed to attack the player.

Note: Not only aggressive fauna can be warped, as Jellyrays have been seen warped in by Warpers that wander near a Mushroom Forest. [Citation needed]


Warpers were created by the Precursor Race by combining an existing life form with precursor technology, replacing the digestive and pulmonary systems with a type of internal battery, inserting miniaturized phase technology beneath the skin that is connected to the central nervous system, allowing them to phase jump at will, the brain and central nervous system have been augmented with enhanced processing power and remote communications were added. Their main purpose is to eliminate any creature infected with the Carar bacteria, including the player. They can also be found guarding Precursor Bases.


Data Bank Entry Edit

Entry given for scanning an active Warper.



  1. Head:
    Unknown mechanisms located in the head region make this lifeform capable of phase jumping itself and other organisms to different locations.
  2. Torso:
    Appears to hunt other lifeforms, but no digestive organs have been identified. Internal structure considerably more complex than other known organisms.
  • No available biological archetypes to draw from in memory banks
  • No genetic crossover identified with other local lifeforms
  • Demonstrates no recognized defensive behaviour
  • Origins and ecosystem role unknown

Assessment: Further data required

Entry given for scanning the inactive Warper in the Disease Research Facility.


This lifeform shows signs of heavy genetic modification, and extensive mechanical grafting.

Its digestive and pulmonary systems have been replaced by an onboard battery receiving energy directly from this facility and distributing it around the body.

Miniaturised phase technology has been implanted beneath the skin and is triggered by the central nervous system, allowing the construct to teleport at will.

The brain and central nervous system have been digitally augmented with advanced processing power and remote communications.

Assessment: Programmable Hunter/Killer - Avoid


For a more complete gallery, visit Warper/Gallery.


  • The Warper is loosely based on the Fade from Natural Selection 2, another game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. As both have similar arms, and can both teleport. Cory Strader also modeled both of them.
  • The Warper sounds were created from real life Zebra sounds.
  • The Warpers appear to have a degree of intelligence, as shown in two of the messages from the Communications Relay.

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