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Vehicles are machines for exploration and transportation available to the player after acquiring their respective fragments and blueprints. Vehicles are divided into two categories: Deployable and Vessel.

The sole deployable vehicle; the Seaglide, is crafted using the Fabricator and can be carried for on-demand trasportation anywhere in the world.

Vessels are crafted using the Mobile Vehicle Bay and can be piloted in certain enverionments and down to a certain depth.

Craftable Vehicles

Vehicle Description Velocity (M/Sec) Perks & Upgrades
Seaglide Transparent
Personal underwater propulsion device for fast, reliable transport through underwater caves and wrecks.

Forward: 9.5

Backward: 7.8

  • Terrain Map
  • Flashlight
Seamoth Transparent
Small, maneuverable submersible for fast exploration of aquatic and space regions. A number of upgrades and modifications can be fitted to it.

Forward: 12.7

Backward: 5

Lateral: 11.5

Vertical: 11

PRAWN Suit Transparent
Prawn Suit
Modular mechanized walker for exploration of alien environments and exploitation of available resources. Capable of surviving immense pressure. Can be outfitted for mining and defense.

Forward: 6

Backward: 2.5

Lateral: 4

Vertical (standard, upgraded): 6; 12

Cyclops Transparent
Industrial submarine capable of supporting multiple occupants for extended periods and carrying one smaller vehicle. Can be fitted with beds, food dispenser, water purifier, fabricators, lockers, battery and power cell chargers.

Silent Running: 2.7

Ahead Slow: 5.4

Ahead Standard: 8.2

Ahead Flank: 10.5

Reverse: 4.8

Vertical: 3.1

Neptune Rocket Transparent
Neptune Escape Rocket
Single-seat planetary escape vehicle with life support, adaptive power supply, orbital shield and onboard time capusle. Three-stage launch separation. Unknown.
* A save file in which the Seamoth, Cyclops, Prawn Suit and Neptune Escape Rocket have been acquired is displayed with the respective vehicles' icons.

Future Plans

  • A hovercraft vehicle has been shown to be in the early testing phase on the developer's checkins page.
  • A jetpack could possibly be added to Subnautica.[1].


  • The original vehicle plans for Subnautica saw the player have access to two small subs, two medium-sized subs, and one or two large subs. Concept art can be found for these other submarines. Ultimately, the Cyclops, prioritized for its "civilian" look, took up so much time that more subs that didn't truly add new gameplay were considered a bad investment of resources and were scrapped.[2]


  2. Cory Strader talks about the submarines on the UWE forums