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  • ThunderStar321


    June 9, 2017 by ThunderStar321
    • Assuming Subnautica takes place in the late 22nd century (2170-2199), it can be assumed the Precursors arrived at 4546B around 1100 A.D, and discovering Carar prior to that.
    • The Sea Emperor Leviathan is approximately 1600 years old, making it's date of birth at about 500 A.D.
    • How the Precursors obtained the Mongolian Blade is unknown, as the data entry states it is from the 13th century, at least 100 years after the Precursors presumably were killed off by Carar.
    • A mass extinction event occurred at some point, possibly being Carar, the meteor in the Dunes, or possibly Precursor interference, although Carar seems the most likely given the timeframe of 1000 years.
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  • ThunderStar321

    Alrighty, using the ENCYALL command. (Thnak you AwesomeCalvinandHobbs!).I screenshotted the newest Data Downloads. I'm fairly sure I missed some, however.

    My point being, I'll need help putting these new things in. All help is welcome.

    You can find the Data Downloads here:

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  • ThunderStar321

    New finds

    January 20, 2016 by ThunderStar321

    Ok, after some searching around on Trello I found some interesting finds

    Note: This should be taken with a grain of salt, nothing is confirmed as of yet

    Check it out here:

    -Farming Update is in Febuary

    -Destroyed Lifepods

    -Lost River layout is complete

    -Unnamed Update is in March

    -Sea Treader

    - Abandoned Seabases

    - Lost River Bone Shark

       - Lost River Area 1

    -Creatures Attack! Update is in April

    - Creature Eggs

    - Species Analyzer

    -Creatures attack your base

    - Warper

    - Transfuser

    - Expanded Aurora with Exosuit room

    - Precursor bases

    -Lost River area 2

    - Crab Squid

    - Give Reefback a purpose

    - Sea Dragon Leviathan (Sea Emperor reskin)

    -Exosuit Update is in May

         - Gun placement area

    - Allow Exosuit to dock like Seamot…

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  • ThunderStar321

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  • ThunderStar321

    Well, it works!

    January 16, 2016 by ThunderStar321

    Well, it works!

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