aka A sea dragon

  • I live in the ILZ
  • My occupation is Helping humans get across the ILZ alive
  • I am Sea dragon gender
  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    when exploring the lava lakes, does the sea dragon ever just kill you? no, not with its attacks, but this way.

    Lets assume no base nearby.

    in a P.R.A.W.N suit or a Cyclops.

    • exploring area*
    • sea dragon comes up and wrecks your prawn/cyclops/both.*

    it really sucks because the oxygen warning kind of taunts you.

    • swimming to the exit*

    PDA: 30 seconds.

    • swims to biome that base is in*

    PDA: Beep beep, oxygen.

    • drowns*


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  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    This is how to preform 3 bugs.

    Bug Number 1. Powerglide V2

    What you need!

    1. Seaglide

    2. Some means to damage a base

    3. Repair tool

    4. A base so big the entering and exiting animations are skipped


    1. Damage a section of your base near a hatch, and maybe a bulkhead to reduce flooding.

    2. after filling mostly with water repair the breaches.

    3. leave the base with the seaglide while bobbing in the water.

    You SHOULD have a very fast seaglide!


    • You get a very fast seaglide.
    • you can switch tools, enter a seamoth or prawn, or even drop the sea glide, a…
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  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    So here are some random subnautica challenges to try.

    1: Try this Challenge!

    2: Build a base in the crater edge.

    3: Go into creative and make a base that covers the whole map.

    4: Fight a reaper leviathan

    5: Fight a sea dragon leviathan

    6: Fight a ghost leviathan

    7: do some glitches! (such as, power glide v2, (fast seaglide) hydrobase, (go into ocean like you are in a base) and camera drone in base. (i should not need to explain this one)

    8: Beat the game in hardcore

    9: Kill a cuddle fish. (YES IM SAYING TO TRY TO KILL A CUDDLE FISH DONT HATE ME OK?!?!?)

    10: Crash the game.

    11: Spawn a HOSTILE leviathan in every biome and play like that, and every section  of a biome, and subbiomes (lost river biomes) all get a leviathan too. (you can do the same with…

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  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    Yeah i finally got a account YESTERDAY.

    Greetings to all of you!

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