Idea 1- acid tree

found in sparse reef. looks like a bulbo tree, but green and has no leaves. when something gets near it, its trunks open up, releasing acid. can be harvested. passive when planted

Idea 2- Flashlight Stalk

these are found in the GR. They look like a black stalk ending with a round clear section. when the player approaches, it will light up, keeping the player in place. they can look and use tools. one way to get free is hitting it with a prop or re cannon. you will be freed when damaged. you are immune when wearing mirror helmet (in next part) or the mirror suit (also in next part). harvestable. passive to you but normal to other creatures.

Idea 3- crawler trap.

found on the mounatin island. it is a green circle on the ground with 4 teeth. it can attack, doing 15 dmg. if cavecrawlers step in it, they will get "eaten". harvestable.

Idea 4- Corkscrew tree

found in the lost river. the corkscrew tree is a large yellow spiral with a pink trunk. when the player approaches, the corkscrew will pull in and the trunk will spray brine. passive when planted. seeds consumable.

Idea 5- Tentecle Leech

Tentecle leeches are found in the BK, GR, DGR, Safe Shallows, and Grassy platueas. they look like a cyan tree leech with 4 small tentecles going outside. they can be destroyed for chunks, and are consumable. they can grow on your base and cyclops, minorly lowering base integrety.

Idea 6-  Cave Weed

found in the deep sparse reef. they are green leaves that sprout out of the ground. they can be cut for seeds. seeds used in mirror suit and helmet (next PT)

any comments?