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  • YAWN *  "  * sigh * , Samantha , Initate body clean  . Soon after the body clean finished  he brushed his teeth , then He went  to put on his Radiation suit and then head out to the cyclops for some , Normal cruising as he fnds nothing interesting to do today . Other then trying the repulsion cannon on the leviathan then yes , he had nothing to do ." Samantha , What's going on with the - * Explosion * " WHOA !!!! , Samantha what the heck was that !? ,Jyn asks " Captain , I believe It is another Altera spaceship that was originally headed for you . That is until they crashed " . " Initiate , Full throttle , there still might be people aboard that ship  " .  When Jyn gets there , He puts on his helmet and laser cuts off the door , heads iside , calling out " HELLO ! " and seeing if anyone can get his calls . Only one person got his call and It was a female . Shouting back " HELP!!!  , PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP !!! "
  • Charges Repulsion Rifle *  * Attaches Two fire extinguishers to his back * Jyn in a hurry asks samantha " Samantha , I need you to locate their PDA signature ". " Captain , Their In the - " In the where? " " Living quarters , Captain , But it's too far in  you won't be able to make it out in time before the dark energy core explodes ! . " How much time do I have ? " Jyn questions . " 20 Minutes Captain " . " Just lead me to the living quarters  Samantha " . " On it captain , Wait , the inside is just like the Aurora ! " . Samantha tells Him " I've studied the whole thing , I can get her or them out in less then five minutes " . " Okay , Captain , Just please be safe." .  * Energy Builds Up * * BOOM!* . Please help me !  The unknown woman says . He looks at the other bodies and then looks back at her and then blasts off the wreckage on top of her and then grabs her and her helmet , Puts it on her and then  Sprints out  Before the last 15 Seconds ended , and then gets in  the cyclops running to the controls  Reversing out and then going full speed , as he manages to escape the wreckage . 

As Jyn watches from afar , Samantha says " In 3.... 2..... 1.... * Explosion * . After the explosion , all that's left Is the Skeleton of the ship with things still inside . " I'm Sorry , I couldn't save you all . " Jyn reminds himself but then turns back to the girl . " Samantha , Do we have a first aid kit ? " Jyn questions . " It's just ready " He grabs the kit and then the woman wakes up . Jyn questions the unknown lady into who she is and she replies telling her name to be Mia Quinn . Jyn is put into shock as he questions who her father is and to make matters even worse Her father Was Avery Quinn , the dead captain of Sunbeam . They head back to base and he takes her to the bedroom section with two beds on seperate sides . " Lie Down , Mia , You need rest after what you just went through ." Jyn says . Mia replies with a suttle " Yes " . He wraps the blanket around her and then heads to thecyclops talking to Samantha saying " How Am I supposed to explain this to her , She's Avery's Daughter ."  Captain , It's best to keep it to yourself ,then tell her , because what she went through must be something painful . You were just like her . * Explosion *  Mia screams " AAAAAHHH!!! , Help Me !!! " But then the unknown person stares through him and Jyn gets out in his prawn suit thrusting it trying to get her back . But the unknown person warps away . Jyn In rage Screams through his prawn suit . " NOOOOOO!!!! " 


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