So, as you can guess, the Aurora is an essential place to go with some things like the PRAWN suit fragments. I will list tips in this on how to prepare for it and what to do if you're a little bit scared.

~\ Essential Items/~

1x Fire Extinguisher (at very start u will need)

1x Laser Cutter (To get the diamond, do the sunbeam mission and start looking around the island. If you skipped it, no idea how to help ya buddy. Maybe find sea treaders?)

1x Knife (one certain part)

1x Repair Tool / Welder (Some parts need it to open, and also needed to stop the radiation)

1x Seamoth (Great travel. If you can't currently afford this, even though it is NOT recommended, seaglide will be fine.)

~\ I'm still missing my courage /~

Don't blame you if you don't have that. Reaper Leviathans are usually put as scariest creature in subnautica. After thinking for a bit, I found a way to pretty much not interact with it at all but still get on the aurora. 

Here's what to do:

Save RIGHT next to your seamoth, and then get on it. Hold the spacebar (Or just go upwards) and start going to the front part of the aurora. (The place that doesn't have the thrusters.) If anytime you get pulled under while holding that spacebar and you are near the aurora, that means you have probably been caught in the jaws of a reaper leviathan. Immediately pause the game (If you're skilled enough, you can hold spacebar, go towards the aurora, and have your finger on the ESC key.) Go to main menu and rejoin. You will be back right next to your seamoth and ready for another run. If you have any questions, just put them in the comments.