the lost reef is something i have been working on and i think that it should be added to the game, so devs pls consider if you are reading this. and comment why you will or wont. as always, pls tell me your opinion on this, DEVs or not.

the lost river would be home to one of the the titans ( and also have reef sharks roaming around (my ideas, will blog post them next post) and the river crowns (also my ideas; next blog post after the reef sharks) would be here, the bone and sand sharks would be here, and bloodvines would be here too. the other fauna here would be eyeyes, blighters, bleeders, and biters. the bladderfish are also here. the flora would be purple pinecones, river crowns, bloodvines, deep shrooms, gabes feather, gel sacks, and eye stalks. the floor would be mostly of rocks and sand, with small cave systems.