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Fan-Made Creature: The Night Stalker

So first off, I have been working on a creature I call it: The NightStalker! Well it's nothing special, it's a stalker plus a reaper and Mesmer. It is some what larger than your regular stalker and it it has a different teeth and mouth structure is only out at night, hence the name. It is found in dunes, crag field, sparse and grand reef. It is able to camouflage with its genetic traits from the stalker and Mesmer by changing colors. It has echo location and faster attacks from the reaper DNA. It can be made by a stalker egg and injection of DNA of reaper and Mesmer. Can be found rarely in the environment as they have escaped the enprisonment of precursor secondary research facility. That is also where you find the means of creating said nightStalker.

Concept art will be out soon post your thoughts.

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