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The Tree Mushroom (formerly known as Coral Tree) is a type of huge arboreal coral found exclusively in the Mushroom Forest.

Larger Tree Mushrooms sometimes have chunks of Sandstone at the top. Often they have lithium on the trunk.

The player can obtain Fungal Samples from its mushroom caps by knifing or by colliding them with the Seamoth or the Cyclops.

Appearance Edit

The Tree Mushroom is a huge coral structure with branches coming off of its trunk, each adorning mushroom caps resembling large real life table corals. On the tree's trunk features many small life forms growing on it, such as Tree Leeches or Grue Clusters.

The Tree Mushroom's size greatly varies, with some capable of reaching up to 100 meters tall.

Giant Tree Mushroom Edit

In the Mushroom Forest to the Northwest, there lies a single dominant Giant Tree Mushroom, spreading its roots throughout the entire area.

This Giant Tree Mushroom is unique in various ways. Not only can dozens of Shale Outcrops be found on its stem, top, branches, and roots, but it is also the only explorable Tree Mushroom. Aside from the small cave at its base, there is also a larger cave that goes all the way from the top to the base of the tree, with two entrances located at the top and the base. In this cave, more Shale Outcrops and plants native to the Mushroom Forest can be found, with Grue Clusters and Tree Leech lighting the way.

Future Updates Edit

  • In future updates, Tree Mushroom caps will no longer break when you land on them with the PRAWN Suit.

Data Bank EntryEdit

Analysis of these large organic structures reveals a microcosm of co-operating, co-habiting and competing lifeforms.

The main trunk is a species of coral, some colonies up to 50,000 years old. The caps which line it share more in common with earth fungi. Other organisms grow on the structure wherever there is space and light.

Surrounding waters are dense with herbivorous lifeforms in the 1mm - 10mm range, to the extent that larger herbivores appear to have mostly abandoned the area.

Assessment: Exploitable

Gallery Edit

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