The subject of this article may not be implemented prior to Version 1.0 and information is limited!

The Transfuser is a Tool intended to sample DNA from life forms. In the future it must be scanned.

The Transfuser uses Energy and can be recharged with a Battery.

The Transfuser can be obtained with the command "item transfuser" and the fragments can be spawned with the command TransfuserFragment.

A 3D model of the Transfuser can be found here. More information regarding the Transfuser can be found on Trello.


To use the Transfuser:

  1. Take a DNA sample using RMB from a creature possessing transfusable DNA.
  2. Inject the DNA into a creature using the LMB
  3. Hold E to inject the DNA into yourself.


  • Each injection increases said value by 25%.
  • You can inject one creature or yourself up to four times.
  • Each sample uses 5% of the transfuser's energy.
  • Refer to the table on the DNA page for sample types and locations.
  • The Transfuser currently cannot inject DNA into the Player, as the button to do so is shared with the command to remove an item.




  • It is suggested that the Degasi Crew also had a Transfuser, due to absence of the Fern Palm in any of the PDA's databanks as well as Marguerit Maida injecting creatures with various serums to subdue them.