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The Torpedo System is an Upgrade Module for the Seamoth that arms it with the ability to launch torpedoes. The Torpedo System is crafted using the Vehicle Modification Station and must be applied to the Seamoth upgrade panel to function.

For every Torpedo System module that is added to the Seamoth a torpedo silo is added the Seamoth's front. Each silo has a capacity of four torpedoes giving the player up to sixteen torpedoes if all four upgrade slots are using Torpedo System modules. The layout of these silos is dependent on where the modules are placed on the paperdoll UI upgrade panel. Each Torpedo System module will begin with two Vortex Torpedoes. Replacements and extras can be crafted with the Vehicle Modification Station.

Torpedoes are launched using left mouse button after selecting the module on the hotbar using the corresponding button (1-4). The number will depend on the location of the module in the upgrade panel. The torpedoes recharge after a few seconds.

Currently, the Torpedo System uses 1% of the vehicle's power for each torpedo fired, assuming no other upgrade modules are equipped.

Removing the Torpedo System without first removing the torpedoes from the silos will result in the loss of those torpedoes.

The player needs to bring Magnetite to the Vehicle Modification Station in order for the upgrade to show up in the menu.


MagnetiteComputer ChipArrow-right (1)Seamoth Modification StationArrow-right (1)Seamoth Torpedo System

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