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Time Capsules are in development items. They will be found in random locations by other players that have beaten the game.[1] The Time Capsules contain special messages and pictures that are added to the player's Steam inventory, where they can be displayed, traded, or sold.

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  • Findable time capsules vanish on pick-up. Contained loot goes into inventory, text and photo go in the encyclopedia.
  • Only one customizable time capsule per game. Capsule is locked in a console/terminal that is part of the rocket. Capsule console can be interacted with. Capsule itself not pickupable.
  • Time capsule gets ejected during blast off.
  • Time capsule can contain only one picture and a long text in a select language. (By default the language the game is set to).
  • When the capsule gets ejected, its contents go to a website for moderation. Capsules that get enough upvotes get seeded into other player's worlds.
  • Time capsules will be able to be found all around the world, typically in the mid-depths. A few will typically be found per game.
  • Time capsules are not picked up. Instead, time capsules break open when you click them. Their contents are added to your inventory and the player sees a notification that they've received a time capsule.
  • The picture(s) and written text from the time capsule appear in the PDA Encyclopedia, in a new section.
  • After the player has built their rocket platform, in the cockpit they will find a "built-in" where an empty time capsule sits. If the player clicks the time capsule, they can edit it.
  • After editing the time capsule, there is a mechanical sound and animation, as the capsule gets "sucked in" to the housing.
  • A light that says "Time Capsule" will be inside of the rocket, being red when the player hasn't edited the time capsule, and green when they have.
  • Capsules are upvoted through a special web-site and aren't seeded into games until they get X number of upvotes.
  • During the launch sequence, there is an audio/visual part where the time capsule is ejected.
  • Time capsules will be held back until v1.0.