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Time Capsules are player-made objects that can be found around the playable area. Players are given the opportunity to create a capsule when they build the Neptune Escape Rocket. A capsule has a 2x3 inventory and can be customized with an image and message of the creator's choice. Upon being sent, capsules are sent to this website on which people can upvote and downvote time capsules. Capsules with enough upvotes, after being screened, will be seeded into the game world for players to find.

Data Bank Entry

These sturdy containers are designed to store written and photographic evidence for later retrieval, in addition to a number of small items. Time capsules are often fabricated by marooned survivors seeking either to aid those who find themselves in the same predicament in the future, or to leave evidence of their plight which may be found long after their bodies have disintegrated.

Most emergency escape vehicles are equipped with a time capsule by default, usually found in the cockpit, and be jettisoned on take off. Alterra requests time capsules be stocked with tools and resources which will aid those who may discover them in the future.