The Tiger Plant is a hazardous flora species. It is commonly found in rocky areas of the Grassy Plateaus and its caves, while also being present on the backs of adult Reefback Leviathans and among the clusters of Eye Stalks in the Sparse Reef.

The Player can harvest it for Tiger Plant Seeds by using the knife.


The Tiger Plant resembles real life sponges, featuring a cluster of red, tendril-shaped stalks with yellow spikes protruding from it. Its surface is also covered with a dark brown stripe pattern.


When the Tiger Plant has a line of sight on a nearby target, usually being the player, it will trigger the attack animation and launch its spikes.

Each stalk launches a semi-homing spike aimed towards the target. The spikes fly through the water with high velocity, leaving a thin white, visible trail.

It is encouraged to freeze Tiger Plants using the Stasis Rifle whenever scavenging the ocean floor within their vicinity.

Tiger Plants will fire projectiles at the player when the plants are attached to Reefback Leviathans. However, if the Reefback Leviathan is at the surface, the Tiger Plant cannot fire. This is probably due to the fact that the Tiger Plant cannot fire projectiles above water.

Tiger Plants do not attack the player if they are in the Seamoth, Prawn Suit, or Seabases. However they can hit them by accident and deal 5% damage to the seamoth, or a breach to a seabase.

If its seeds are planted in an Exterior Growbed, they will still be hostile and will attack the Player. They will not attack the player when planted inside an Alien Containment, even if the player is present inside the containment.

If the player wears a Reinforced Dive Suit, the projectiles launched by the Tiger Plant will be deflected, doing no damage to the player.

Data Bank Entry

Tiger Plant Data Bank Image

This plant has adapted to sense fluctuations in the water at up to 15m, and is capable both of prehensile movement of its tubes, as well as the propelling of thorns at speeds of up to 10m/s.

Although capable of incapacitating small herbivores, this plant lacks carnivorous digestive organs. Would-be predators caught in its defensive perimeter serve as a warning to other herbivores not to approach; and then as they decompose they serve as fertilizer for the tiger plant.

Assessment: Avoid or incapacitate



  • The Tiger Plant's original name was the Spike Plant, but it was changed to differentiate it and the Spike Trap.
  • The Tiger Plant is currently one of the only hazardous flora the player can harvest for seeds, other than the Acid Mushroom and the Deep Shroom.