• Bought this game, tryed abit first in exploration mode then surive, then extreme and it is just a waste of time, expecially the "extreme" mode, no O2 allert but it give you allert anyway, creature that eat you inside your own base(5hs of wasting time in extreme mode to just die inside my house from a jelly snake in the safeshallow biome wtf. 

    beside there is nothing to do in this game, there is this cool story PDA, just watch a youtube video and the game don't offer you anything else. 

    Scanner room do not refresh when you gather and obj, it will keep track it even if you gather it wtf

    bah just sayng wasted an entire day tryng to understand this game but there is nothing to understand.

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    • This is an exploration game in early access. So things will be buggy, which is why the game is clearly marked "Early Access" in huge cyan text on the store page.

      You're meant to try and learn things yourself and explore the world, which is also why it's tagged "Exploration" and "Open World" on the store page.

      Clearly you don't understand that and want things to be handed to you, but you can always get a refund.

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    • I was probly wrong when I bought this game, I saw on youtube some guy playing the extreme mode so I tough it was viable even in a early acces game. Just exploring without some really challenge is not my game I get bored..

      I must say that I had fun in playing the extreme mode but right now its impossible to finish the story in the extreme mode, atleast for me and my time.


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    • I can honestly say this is the most enjoyable game I've ever played. So it's early access, so there are a few bugs, the storyline isn't finished - so what? I'm having a blast.

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