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Vanishing Purple Artifacts

  • So I went to the island and gathered the broken artifact for blue prints but also got the two other ones I found while exploring - waintg for the Sunbeam to be shot down. After a previous save led me to beleive that stowing these in my life pob brought two reefbacks up into the shallows where they threatened to capsize my life pod- with me in it. I dropped these two in a cave driectly under my life pod this time...only to find they were gone once I climbed back out of the life pod intending to put them in a waterproof locker....Thinking the warper I encountered came and stole them- BUT I have had other stuff dissappear as well. I tried using DIG to make sure they were not buried under the sand but they are gone. Question is ,is this a glitch or did the Warper actaully take them back & regardless how to I recover them? I really don't want to have to make them but I will.

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    • I had almost the same problem. I dropped one and couldn't find it at the same spot i dropped it!!

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    • In my experience, if anything is dropped into the world that *isn't* marked as a 'deployable', and you enter/exit any seabase you built or your lifepod, the dropped items are intentionally despawned by the game. It might have something to do with keeping the game's memory from overloading? Not sure, I'm not a programmer, but any time I drop things like dead fish, pieces of copper/titanium/etc or plant samples, etc, etc, when I'm playing, this happens.

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