• This is just a preview, so it's only log one. If you would like more PLEASE tell me. I wouldn't expect my writing skills to surpass one of... let's say a proffesional writer. 

    Anyway, my story is here. A few details about Subnautica are changed and extra fake facts, to make it a bit unique. 

    It's not based around the Aurora, it's based on it's sister ship, the Dragonfly. They are leaking fuel and that's why the thing crashed on a planet very much like Earth.

    The Aurora is tuned in with the Dragonfly and it's going to me mentioned a bunch of times in the story, and the one survivor and his escape may be added near the end. 

    Please pointi out anything wrong with it. (Spelling errors etc are things I can find myself, a result of fast typing)

    I may be changing it into third person, but I'm not sure. 

    Log 1: What time is it?

    Hi. This is my first log. It's not much, really. We're on this huge spaceship, it's nicknamed "The Dragonfly". It's mission; or, well, I should say our mission is to find a planet with unclassified lifeforms. Anything. Even a micro-organism would help with our study.

    It's a long time since 2016 and 2015, was it 2017? The reason I'm bringing that up is because there's another spacecraft, The Aurora, searching for any radiowaves across space. They have a plan to find some materials that broadcast radiowaves and use them to send stuff across time and space.

    I can't imagine how they would do it. I believe there's no real past or future, it's just there for the milisecond its there and then it's just... gone.

    I don't think there's anything but black and blank space in the future. How would we know what was in the future? According to games, it would cause a massive 'lag spike' and wouldn't the universe explode?

    Oh, well. That's not The Dragonfly's mission, anyhow. They probably worked out all the consequences and evened them out between good and bad.

    We here on the Dragonfly are claimed to identify things that were made by something unnatural, such as an alien or human. I would say man-made tunnels and man-made ground, but it wouldn't be made by a man, now would it?

    I forgot to mention. This is the year 3017. It was 3016 but time changed a bit. It's weird to imagine time can change from one year to another in just a second.

    The reason I brought up 2017 in particular is because this year would be the anniversary of the best thing to happen in all of time, an advancement of the human species, a breakthrough. 

    Oh, I wish I could tell you. I wouldn't want to break time and space, though, on this spaceship I do seem to have a lot of time and space in my hands. A lot more than I know what to do with.

    Sometimes I play board games or holograph games with the crew. I much prefer video games, though. Holograph games are so hard to control. And, believe it or not, in early development. I can't say much about what happened, but I can say this:

    A huge group of protester-hipster people showed up in front of the government facilities and killed a bunch of people working on these. We had to get a bunch of new people trained for this kind of stuff. It was annoying, and it was hard for a lot of people to mourn the losses of their friends and family.

    The protesters kept saying this day and age was getting too "fancy" and we needed to stick with being naked, walking awkwardly on all fours and eating each other.

    Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but you know. 

    This happened a long time ago, and I hear the government is probably going to end up giving up on the project all together, to fund new causes that aren't useless.

    Speaking so, humans and other animals can live for a LONG time now, a lot longer than 100 years. Artificial organs, pills, medication. The only way to die really is by accident. 

    That is, unless, you're on a spaceship.

    We have large medical units, LARGE. They take up about a quarter of the ship, which is saying a lot since this is the biggest ship in history to date, I think. It's a shame we have such a small crew with such large areas. Maybe it would make us feel less lonely.

    Anyway, back on track. Okay, so despite us having large medical units we probably don't have enough artificial organs to last us forever. If any of us suddenly has a heart attack, they'd need to thaw a new heart out and they'd be long dead by then.

    It's a bit of unease, you know. A lot of hipsters volunteered for the cause, but they needed trained people, such as me. I was a little worried, but the families of the crew have the option of are coming with them. Our crew consists of maybe about 10 trained specials and more than half have wives, or husbands. Some have kids or nephews or really anyone they could choose.

    That would mean nothing to me, however. As I really don't have a family. My mother came with me. She's been nagging me the entire time. I wonder if the escape pods launch in the middle of space?


    Oh, right. Back to the subject. I keep veering off, there's a lot to say about what happened. 

    We're all friends here. About half the crew are women and the other half are guys. I'm a guy.

    We're all pretty young, and I don't mean that in a 'we-can-live-way-longer-than-you-so-3005663-is-the-new-11' kind of way. I mean we're literally 20. The youngest guy I think is 18 and the oldest is 25. Not that they were particularly recruiting the younger people, it's just that, in reality, a 189 year old man would be stubborn, grouchy, probably not up to venturing space for like 3 years, etc.

    They'd be dead weight. And I don't mean it in a bad way, just a realistic way. Sorry, old people.

    They chose trained people and skilled people.

    There's 10 crew members, but thatr doesn't include the captain. He's actually the oldest 'crew' member, even though he's not really technically a crew member. He's 29. Not much. 

    There's also the people who work in the caferteria, which adds up to at least 50 people. In the medical units we have 100 or more, I'm not sure.

    Keep in mind this is an extremely small amount of people who COULD come in this gigantic ship. I still haven't explored it all and probably will never.

    There's passengers. I feel bad for them. Really bad.

    Adults and babies. I feel particularly bad for the babies.

    They'll never get to live on Earth.

    Okay, so let me tell you guys this for a minute.

    Families volunteered to be passengers to this trip. I don't know why I feel bad, they were warned they would never come back. I guess they don't mind.

    Babies are being held in the crystal-containment. They don't really grow there. I mean, they do, but it's not noticable.

    Some adults are being held there, too. Scared of heights. Space. Etc.

    Actually, I don't know. I think maybe all passengers are actually in crystal-containment. I'm too scared to find out.

    They're fine, they are. They'll be refreshed and I heard being in crystal-containment keeps people alive for longer.

    But... they'll never go back to Earth. We will. The crew will. Half medical members. Half kitchen members.

    But our secondary mission is to find a habitable planet and colonize it. Our first colonized planet. 

    We have bio-fillers, so we could've filled Mars up with those. But we need to find one semi-habitable, I dunno. These things are expensive. They add water, oxygen, stabalize the atmosphere, humidity, they let off fake ozone. They slowly morph it into Earth. But you see, many are needed to speed the process. We only have 400. And these things, it's not like they have short radius, it's just that we NEED to speed the process.

    Recently we found out oxygen is the only thing any living thing can breathe without dying. Oh, and water, I guess. But don't fish get oxygen from the water? Whatever, Earth is lucky, I guess. 

    The creatures on any of the other planets must be really weak. They will be. We'll help 'em.

    I hope. I'm not up for killing a bunch of carbon-breathing aliens. Maybe I'm just over-thinking it.

    If we don't find a habitable planet, we'll have to fly back and chill on Mars as we convert the sand to dirt and grass and the atmosphere gets all these extra perks and we can sustain human life. Animal life. Etc.

    Oh, Max came in.

    (Background): Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? You are! You are!

    Oh, sorry. I'm back. Max came in. Max is my dog. I have a fish and a cat. The cat has a husband and the dog has a wife. I hope for puppies one day. We have replacement animals in containtment, we can't populate an entire area with only 2 animals of each kind, despite popular belief.

    Oh, right. We're NOT leaving Max or Princess (Princess is my cat) behind on the planets. Or their families. I also have a fish. Not leaving her either. 

    Anyway, the captain just said we need to take a stop and go to sleep. I'll be with my mom and pets in my bedroom. I'll leave the voicelog in my bag. 

    If I don't wake up, she's nagged me to death.

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