This article is about the Thermoblade. You may be looking for the Survival Knife or the Hardened Blade.

The Thermoblade is a tool and an upgrade to the regular Survival Knife. It is crafted by using the Modification Station.

In general, it can be used for harvesting or defense. However, its primary function is that it cooks any edible fish in one swipe.

The Thermoblade does the most damage of all the knives.

If a Bleeder latches onto the player's arm, the player can use the Thermoblade to stab the Bleeder.


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  • Markings on the Thermoblade indicate that it was made by "Alterra Arms Incorporated". Alterra is a corporation also known from the game Natural Selection 2, which was also developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.
  • The Thermoblade once had durability, but it was removed due to it being deemed useless.
  • When the Thermoblade did have durability, it had the lowest durability out of all the knives.