The Thermal Plant is a generator crafted with the Habitat Builder that converts nearby high temperatures (>15°C) into Energy. It can also be damaged, and will be destroyed if struck ten times with the Survival Knife.

The Thermal Plant can produce limitless power for Seabases given time and proximity to heat; for an approximation, for water temperatures above 50°C one Thermal Plant will produce about five less energy per minute than the water temperature it is placed in. Lower water temperatures will still produce energy, but as the water temperature gets lower the actual energy under-performs the projected output by more and more. One Thermal Plant can store up to 250 energy at a time.

Lava Geysers are optimal spots to place Thermal Plants. Near the center of the geyser, temperatures can reach well over 50°C, meaning that a well-placed plant can produce power rapidly and around the clock. Because the eruptions can damage the plant, be careful with its placement. Given that Thermal Plants have to be built outside a seabase and need to be close to a heat source, it may be necessary to use Power Transmitters to connect the Thermal Plant to a seabase.

Before it can be constructed the player must scan 2 Thermal Plant Fragments with the Scanner. The fragments can be found in the Grand Reef, Dunes or in Wrecks.

It only affects power in Freedom, hardcore, and survival modes.


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Data Bank EntryEdit

The first rule of survival in hostile environments is to work with the resources available. If it's 800 degrees outside and you're in danger of burning to death at any moment you may as well get some cheap, reliable energy out of it.

The Thermal Power Plant: It's hot.

  • Converts heat energy into electricity
  • Always take thermometer readings before attempting installation
  • Core mechanisms are housed in a heat-resistant chassis, but are not impervious to extreme temperatures

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