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The Terraformer was a Tool that the player could create using the Fabricator. However, the player first needed to find and scan Terraformer Fragments to obtain the Blueprint for the Terraformer. It took up four slots in the player's Inventory.

The Terraformer allowed the player to remove material from one place in the world and deposit it somewhere else. There was also a counter that showed the current amount of materials.

Usage Edit

  1. Hold or click RMB to build.
  2. Hold SHIFT and hold or click RMB to dig for materials.

Removal from gameEdit

The Terraformer, along with dynamic terrain has been removed due to issues with save file sizes.[1] However, the Terraformer model may later be used for an unknown purpose in later updates, as the developers thought the model was "too cool".[2]


Advanced Wiring KitBatteryArrow-right (1)StopArrow-right (1)Terraformer

Gallery Edit


  • The Terraformer formerly had the model of the Flashlight, but recoloured to green. This was soon replaced with the current model in later updates.


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  2. Cory Strader on the Terraformer at Discord (June 25, 2016)

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