Vac-packs are containers dropped during the crash landing of the Aurora that contain a single random item. Many Vac-packs spawn on the remains of the ruptured front of the Aurora after it has exploded, or inside Wrecks found near the Aurora. Other Vac-packs spawn close to the Aurora. Most of them spawn in the radiated area, though, which is inaccessible without a Radiation Suit.

The Vac-pack does not have any item slots. Instead, activating it opens its lid, revealing a single item inside. Once the item is taken, the Vac-pack will remain open and empty. Its lid can still be closed, however, but this does not affect anything.

Vac-packs can also be found in some of the Degasi Seabases.




  • The original name for the Vac-pack was the Supply Crate.