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This article is about the Sunbeam. You may be looking for the Aurora, or the Degasi.

The Sunbeam was a passing cargo ship captained by Avery Quinn that picked up the distress signal sent by the Aurora. It's significantly smaller than the Aurora, seating only six people.

The player will start receiving transmission from Avery on board the Sunbeam via the Communications Relay some time after the player has started exploring the planet. The ship alerts the player to its imminent arrival, until it gives a forty-minute warning of its eventual landing on the Mountain Island. It will give you a Signal with the landing coordinates.

The Sunbeam's Failed Rescue Edit

The Sunbeam had planned to land on the Mountain Island to rescue the player. However, before it was able to land, the Quarantine Enforcement Platform activates, weaponizing itself and shooting the Sunbeam down, as it did with the Aurora. As the Sunbeam is extremely smaller than the Aurora, which was shattered into a massive amount of debris, the Sunbeam is entirely obliterated, and all of its crew members are killed, and its debris rains down afterwards. No wreck of the Sunbeam can be found on the map.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Sunbeam destruction event is able to be viewed by typing 'precursorgunaim' into the console.
  • The Sunbeam is a Bulldog-Class Vessel. The PDA's AI reveals this if the player is not present at the Island when the Sunbeam makes its approach.

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