The Subnautica soundtracks were composed by Simon Chylinski. Around January 18, 2018, the official album was gifted to all buyers of the game version on Steam. It can be found and listened to in the Steam Library.

If the soundtracks is not in your Steam library, you can follow these steps to get the soundtrack if you are playing Subnautica on Steam.

  • Go to your Steam library and right-click on the game. There should be a button that says "Properties" . Click it.
  • Next, click on "Local files" , browse in the local files and then click on "OST". From here, create a shortcut or copy the file to music.
  • Sit back, and enjoy the Subnautica's soundtracks. :)

Alternatively, you can also listen to the soundtracks in:

(Windows 32-bit OSs): "(Drive):\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\OST\"

(Windows 64-bit OSs): "(Drive):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\OST"

It is also available from several different websites;

List of Tracks

# Title Played when
1 Salutations Main Menu
2 Into The Unknown Safe Shallows
3 Tropical Eden Floating Island and Safe Shallows
4 God Rays Safe Shallows and the during Dangerous Creatures Update trailer
5 In Bloom Kelp Forest
6 Precipice -
7 Sun & Moon Kelp Forest
8 Finding Life Safe Shallows
9 Crush Depth Jellyshroom Cave
10 What are You Primary Containment Facility
11 Original Inhabitants Alien Caches
12 A Tendency to Float -
13 Abandon Ship End credits, fire in Cyclops
14 Ahead Slow Inactive Lava Zone
15 Alien Expanse Entering the Quarantine Enforcement Platform or Sparse Reef biome
16 Alien Passageways Gravity Lift in the QEP
17 Alien Spaces Power room in the QEP
18 Alterra Science During the Alterra Science Update trailer
19 Amid the Kelp Kelp Forest
20 Ancient Aliens Alien Caches
21 Arc Lights When in the Seamoth or Prawn Suit
22 Blood Crawlers Blood Kelp Zone, Grand Reef, Deep Grand Reef
23 Blueprint Aurora Prawn Bay
24 Bone Fields Bone Fields
25 Bring a Medpack Inactive Lava Zone, Lava Lakes, Blood Kelp Zone, and the Aurora
26 Buoyancy Kelp Forest, Grassy Plateaus
27 Caverns In Safe Shallows Caves
28 Coral Reef Safe Shallows
29 Crash Site Crash Zone
30 Cuddlefish During the Cuddlefish Update Trailer
31 Dark Matter Reactor When the player is in the Aurora
32 Exosuit When the player is in a Prawn suit and During the PRAWN Update trailer
33 Fear the Reapers Blood Kelp Zone, Inactive Lava Zone
34 First Immersion Grassy Plateaus
35 Ghost Tree Tree Cove
36 Ghosts During the Bones Update Trailer
37 Habitat When the player is in a Seabase, the Grassy Plateaus and during the Machinery Update trailer
38 Infected When the player enters the Disease Research Facility & The Infected Update trailer
39 Islands Beneath the Sea In Grassy Plateaus, Sea Treader's Path, Sparse Reef, and Underwater Islands.
40 Lava Castle When the player is in the Lava Castle, Alien Thermal Plant or the Blood Kelp Zone
41 Leviathan During the Voice of the Deep Trailer, fire in Cyclops
42 Cycle of Life When the Drive Core is repaired, when the Sea Emperor dies and when the player is cured.
43 Lost River When the player enters the Lost River or Grand Reef biomes
44 Maneuvers Grassy Plateaus and during the Power Nap Update trailer
45 Mushroom Forest When the player is in a Mushroom Forest biome
46 Observatory Zen When the player is in an Observatory
47 Red Alert When the Cyclops is under attack by Leviathan class predators & The Silent Running Trailer
48 Rock It! During the Ghost Update Trailer
49 Safe in Kelp forest When the player is in the Kelp Forests
50 Seamoth Intro cutscene; When a fire is on board the Cyclops
51 Shadow of the Reefback When the player is in the Grassy Plateaus
52 Shallows When the player is in the Safe Shallows
53 Sunbeam When the Sunbeam countdown starts, Safe Shallows
54 Unknown Flora Upon arrival at the Underwater Islands
55 Violet Beau Upon arrival on the Mountain Island
56 Lift Off Launch of the Neptune Escape Rocket


  • Track 32, is named "Exosuit" because the original name for the Prawn Suit was Exosuit, and the track had been made prior to the name change.
  • Rock It! was originally called Void and Cuddlefish was originally called Dive Buddy.
  • In Alien Expanse, Donald Trump saying "China" can be heard.
  • One track called Docking was used in the Coffee and Castles trailer but is not on OST or in the game.
    • Docking was first used in Natural Selection II 
  • In the properties of almost every music file, in the comments there are random characters, fun sentences, possible origins of the music, and shout outs. These were probably made by Simon Chylinski.
    • Some include: Simon rules !, using a bunch of instruments from vietnam, vocals by Donald j Trump, Pros use Reaper not protools, the nope biome. y even go to this biome, stay in your base, nostalgia for the exo suit from ns2, thanks Parisa for singing :), some one had a little trouble parking their space boat, dont listen to ppl who say to not fear the reaper. u should be afriad, first track ever made for subnautica, take a souvenir, and many more.
  • There is no OST for the Eye Candy trailer