The Stillsuit is a piece of equipment crafted using the Fabricator. It takes up four slots in the player's inventory. The Stillsuit's blueprint can be acquired from data boxes.


The Stillsuit is mainly white in colour, with dark grey patches on the shoulders and around the legs, a network of orange coloured pipes span the exterior of the suit.


The Stillsuit conserves and filters the player's bodily fluids, resulting in drinkable Reclaimed Water being added to the inventory, assuming there is space for it, which restores 20 H₂O points.

Although the Stillsuit cannot support the player's water needs single-handedly, it can eliminate the need to take water on long journeys away from one's base.

A notification pops up whenever the Stillsuit has reclaimed some reclaimed water. The Stillsuit produces two Reclaimed Water within one day.


Upon equip:

Stillsuit Equip


Synthetic FibersAerogelCopper WireArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Stillsuit

Data Bank Entry


The industry standard stillsuit is designed to minimize water loss while exploring hostile environments, by filtering and recycling bodily fluids.

  • Reclaimed water is stored in containers for later consumption, normal production rate is 2 bottles per day
  • Filters contaminants from no less than 4 different bodily excretions
  • Blood and sweat may be effectively processed, upgrade to Mk.II to make the most of tears
  • Onboard flavor neutralizer can be activated at startup (flavor neutralizer not included on all models)

'The Stillsuit: Because drinking reclaimed urine is better than death by dehydration.'



  • There is a running joke where, upon equipping the suit, the female A.I. will inquire: "To chemically neutralize residual odors & bodily fluids before reingestion, please press the activation button in the next three seconds... You have chosen not to activate chemical taste neutralization. Thank you and have a nice day." The joke being that it will taste like exerted mix of moistures including sweat and urine which cannot be changed and therefore no actual button exists.
  • The name and function comes from Frank Herbert's 1965 novel Dune. The stillsuit is the technology of inhabitants of an arid desert planet who use the suit to desalinate and reclaim body moisture and even process waste.
  • Previously, the player had to use the Modification Station to upgrade the dive suit into the Stillsuit.