Motivational note. Craig McGill crash-landed in the acid swamps of Boreal 9 and fought off arachnid kidney-poachers, before hijacking a tame starwhal and riding it to safety. If he can do all that, you can survive one more day.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Stasis Rifle is a tool that can be crafted with the Fabricator. The Stasis Rifle takes up four slots in the Player's Inventory.

Uses Edit

The stasis orb can be fired directly at a creature or an item to lock it in place. This is useful as both a defensive measure (stunning a creature charging the player) or as a hunting tool (stunning small fish so they are unable to flee). Alternatively the orb can be directed at a nearby surface that will allow the player to sit safely within the orb. All attacking creatures will be frozen. The Stasis Rifle is also useful when trying to scan creatures. It locks them in place, which is useful for small fast creatures that can dart out of the scan range such as Peepers. This will also prevent hostile creatures from attacking you while you scan them. A non charged shot will freeze the targeted area for 6.5 seconds while a fully charged shot will freeze for 30 seconds.

When the RMB is held down, the Stasis Rifle barrel will start to rotate and fire off a large, spherical particle effect when the RMB is released or when the charge indicator on the Stasis Rifle reaches the full level. The player can also fire the Stasis Rifle instantly by simply clicking RMB. Anything that is inside or comes into contact with the bubble will be frozen in place for a certain amount of time depending on how long you charge the shot.

Charging the Stasis Rifle for a longer time will result in more Energy being consumed, a larger orb size and a longer time before the orb starts to collapse. Firing the Stasis Rifle without charging it uses up less than 1% of its energy per shot. Fully charged shots use up 5%. The Stasis Rifle can be reloaded with a Battery. Uncharged Stasis Rifle shots result in orbs that have a diameter of 5 meters, while a fully charged Stasis Rifle will create an orb with a diameter of 20 meters.

A Stasis Rifle shot will travel for ten seconds before disappearing, regardless of the charge of the shot. If the shot does not hit anything it will not form an orb.

Currently, the game allows only one Stasis Rifle orb at a time. This may change to multiple orbs at a time in the future[1].

If a Bleeder latches onto the player's arm, the player can use the Stasis Rifle to hit the Bleeder.

The Stasis Rifle is an ineffective tool against Warpers, as the creature will be teleport out of the orb after a few moments, however, the delay beforehand and be used as a quick escape opportunity.


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Data Bank Entry Edit

The stasis rifle uses patented technology to slow time in a specified area to as near to a full stop as the laws of physics will permit. It is an advanced, handheld tool designed to facilitate scientific and engineering operations by expanding the window of opportunity for action in time-sensitive scenarios.

The Alterra Stasis Rifle: Life's fast. Why not put it on pause?

Common applications include:

  • Slowing fast-moving mechanisms, such as fan belts, to facilitate maintenance operations
  • Pausing the biological processes of organisms for closer study
  • Navigating perilous spaces by freezing potential threats

The stasis rifle features an independent, replaceable power cell, and the trigger may be held down to increase the area of effect and duration.

WARNING: Not guaranteed to function on complex entities. Due to high power consumption and non-lethality, conventional weapons are recommended for personal defense.

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Trivia Edit

  • The player is unaffected by stasis orbs.
  • The Seamoth is affected by stasis orbs, but a Cyclops is not, even if there is a Seamoth docked to it.
  • The Reaper Leviathan's body is unaffected by stasis orbs. Its head must be hit to stop it.
  • Flares can be frozen by a stasis orb. This can be useful if you need lighting in a tricky spot, such as a cave wall.
  • Warpers will warp themselves out of the stasis orb after a few seconds of being in stasis.
  • Sea Treaders are immune to the stasis orb.

References Edit

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