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The Spotted Dockleaf is a non-hazardous type of decorative life form belonging to the flora category. It grows abundantly in caves, particularly in those of the Koosh Zone.

Using a knife, the player can harvest Spotted Dockleaf Seeds from it, which can then be planted.


The Spotted Dockleaf consists of a cluster of bioluminescent leaves that grow upward, and get thicker towards the top. The tips of the leaves have a striped blue-dark blue pattern to them, while the lower ends are golden brown. They are spotted with bright blue dots.

Data Bank EntryEdit

A simple aquatic plant. Chemicals within the leaves act to neutralize poisons and acids found in other local specimens, thereby actively encouraging predation by herbivores, albeit in small quantities. This ensures the plant both spreads its seed, but retains enough surface area on its leaves to survive itself.



  • The Spotted Dockleaf was originally called the Spotted Leaves Plant.

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