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This article is about the Spotlight. You may be looking for the Floodlight.

The Spotlight is an item that can be constructed with the Habitat Builder. Multiple Spotlights can be found on or near the Abandoned Seabases on the Floating Island, and one must be scanned in order to construct it.

When constructed, the Spotlight will turn around and stop at about a 180 degree angle, then turn the other way. The spotlight will also automatically follow any Dangerous Fauna nearby, including the player.

It must be placed on a Foundation or a Seabase module and requires Energy to function (0.1 pwr/sec).


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Data Bank EntryEdit

A permanent lighting solution developed for installation on existing habitats and facilities.

  • Automatically rotates on a 180 degree arch
  • Motion-sensitive: will track nearby moving objects
  • Draws electricity from main power