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This article contains information that is updated for the latest Experimental Version of Subnautica. Players using stable mode may find this information inaccurate.

"Silver-based computer chips are an essential component of the radiation suit, and habitat builder."
―PDA, Dialogue

Silver Ore is a raw material found by breaking Sandstone Outcrops. Its in-game description notes that it is a highly conductive material. Silver is required for making a number of electronics, though Sandstone can sometimes be hard to find. Silver Ore can be found as a large resource deposit, which can be easier to find than Sandstone and yield more resources.

Uses in Crafting Edit

SilverSilverArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Wiring Kit
Fiber MeshFiber MeshSilverSilverArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Stillsuit

Gallery Edit

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