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Signal Ping

Signals are pings that direct the player to important story locations. Signals can be enabled and disabled using the PDA's Beacon Manager. Their colors can also be customized, like other pings.

The Signals that point towards Destroyed Lifepods are obtained from the radio, while others can be retrieved from data terminals on the Aurora and within Alien Bases. Signals that lead to Degasi Seabases can be downloaded from certain abandoned PDAs.


The various locations the Signal directs the player to are:

  • Lifepod 2 (500m) - CTO Yu's lifepod sunk 500m before she abandoned it
  • Lifepod 3 (Shallows) - Crew reported their seaglide damaged
  • Lifepod 4 (Surface) - Radiation suit recommended before attempting rescue/salvage
  • Lifepod 6 (100m) - Crew requested assistance navigating radiation
  • Lifepod 7 (175m) - Aurora crewmember requested assistance
  • Lifepod 12 (250m) - Sunk to the ocean bed
  • Lifepod 13 (175m) - Carrying high priority passenger's remains
  • Lifepod 17 (100m) - Stranded near a cave system and under attack
  • Lifepod 19 - Second Officer Keen's last broadcast location
  • Proposed Degasi Habitat (500m)



  • Signals were originally held in the inventory as items.