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The Signal is an item that directs the player to significant parts of the map. These take the player to important story locations, as well as to various different areas where helpful resources might be found.

Signals for Lifepod locations can be obtained from the Communications Relay. The rest are obtained from certain Data Terminals on the Aurora and Precursor Bases.

Locations Edit

By using the Signal, the player is notified of:

    • Lifepod 2 - CTO Yu reported sinking 500m before abandoning her lifepod
    • Lifepod 3 - Crew reported their seaglide damaged
    • Lifepod 4 - Zero lifesigns. Recommend investigation
    • Lifepod 6 - Crew requested assistance in surviving radiation
    • Lifepod 7 - Aurora crewmember requested assistance
    • Lifepod 12 - Sunk beyond 250m
    • Lifepod 13 - Carrying Mongolian emissary Jochi Khasar
    • Lifepod 17 - Crew reported the Seamoth bay collapsed around them
    • Lifepod 19 - Second Officer Keen's last broadcast location
  • Aurora Rendezvous Point (Floating Island)

The nature and the exact distance to the object are displayed on the HUD like a visual text similar to the one of a Beacon is displayed on the screen just without the blip. It seems that each Signal is bound to a single object.

However, by spawning in the Signal using the debug commands it only guides the player to the Safe Shallows unless you drop it and pick it up again, then the game counts it as a normal pickup.

Current state Edit

At the moment, the Signal does not have a proper texture; the player equips the Signal in their inventory as they would a compass or thermometer, once equipped, the beacon for that particular Signal will be visible. An item symbol, however, exists. The Signal takes up one inventory slot.