Certain species of passive fauna in Subnautica appear to be able to swarm. The individual fish are small, indicating that they are most likely juveniles. Usually Shoals of Fish appear closer to the surface but certain species will swarm in the depths, or rather in deeper biomes.

The fauna in a Shoal will flee from the player when approached. The player can break up a Shoal by swimming through it, but the fish will swarm again once the danger is over. Besides this, Shoals of Fish cannot be interacted with, with the exception of the Propulsion Cannon and the Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon grabbing and moving the base entity which the 'particle entities' swarm.

Swarming SpeciesEdit

The following species appear in Shoals of Fish:



  • Shoals of Fish are strictly for aesthetic purposes, as they are two dimensional and have no collision hitboxes. Due to this, fast-moving fish such as Boomerangs may be seen swimming in and out the walls of Seabases.
  • Unleashing a Floater near a Shoals of Fish may result in the Floater latching onto the base entity further obscuring the movement of the Shoals of Fish.