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These are my final orders. Rendezvous was a failure. Intercepted a transmission from Alterra HQ, couldn't hear all the detail. Seems they sent a data package to the Aurora. That's your best hope. Consider CTO Yu and I lost at sea. Keen... out.

― Second Officer Keen, Data Downloads


Second Officer Keen was a member on board the Aurora. He escaped the crash in Lifepod 19, which landed in the Deep Sparse Reef. He was ordered by Captain Hollister to send a message to all the other survivors and regroup at the Floating Island.


Keen observes two crewmembers arguing, stating that he sees nobody at fault, however, the two blame each other. Keen says he'll rephrase what he said, claims them to both be equally incompetent. He states that they've lost time, but they're closer to the planet, and they should be able to pick up the Degasi. One of the crewmembers asks why they were even bothering to help the Mongolians, considering that they were the competition. Keen asks if he enjoyed his leave from Sanjei station, and asks if he likes having fuel in the tanks, and to thank the Mongolians. He adds that they run the scans, show them they didn't find anything and say thanks for the free dinner. The other crewmember informs Keen that they've detected something odd on the surface, and Keen demands that the recorder be shut off.


After the Aurora's crash, Keen was ordered by Captain Hollister to send a message to all the other Aurora survivors, giving him coordinates to a landmass, leaving Keen to assume command. However, only he and CTO Yu made it. After the two met up, Yu wanted to search for more survivors, for which Keen attempted to stop her from doing. However, he ended up going with her, as he didn't want her going alone. He sends a message to his PDA two hours later and deems himself and Yu lost at sea.

Relevant Data Downloads

Aurora Scanner Room Voice Log


OFFICER KEEN: The way I see it no one's to blame here.

UNIDENTIFIED CREW 1: He gave me the wrong co-ordinates!

UNIDENTIFIED CREW 2: She didn't give me clear instruction!

OFFICER KEEN: Okay, I'll rephrase: you've been equally incompetent. Now, we've lost time, but we're closer to the planet, so if the Degasi's out there the scan should pick it up.

UNIDENTIFIED CREW 1: Why are we even helping the Mongolians? They're the competition.

OFFICER KEEN: Enjoy your shore leave on Sanjei Station? Like having fuel in the tanks? Thank the Mongolians. We run the scans, we show them we didn't find anything, and we say thanks for the free dinner. Clear?

UNIDENTIFIED CREW 2: Sir, there's something odd on the surface scan here.

OFFICER KEEN: Turn that recorder off!

Lifepod 19 Second Officer Keen's Voicelog


CAPTAIN: Keen! This is Aurora, come in!

KEEN: This is Keen, lifepod detached okay, planetfall in 30 seconds!

CAPTAIN: The computer has identified a landmass at the attached coordinates! I want you to regroup the crew there!

KEEN: Understood, but-

CAPTAIN: They're your responsibility now, don't let them down!

KEEN: Captain, you need to evacuate!

CAPTAIN: Negative, you'll need the ship in one piece if you're going to contact HQ on the long-range. I'm attempting a controlled descent.

 *Explosion aboard the Aurora*

KEEN: Captain?!


Lifepod 19 Second Officer Keen's Crew Log

To all crew - If you are reading this then you have followed the automatic distress signal broadcast by this lifepod's onboard computer, contrary to my orders. I have been forced to evacuate. Your orders are to disregard my safety and attempt to reach the designated rendezvous co-ordinates at the nearest landmass. I hope to see you there.

Rendezvous Voicelog


CTO YU: We have to board the Aurora, repair the long range comms, make contact with the other survivors. We can't be the only two that made it.

OFFICER KEEN: Those are not the orders the captain gave me, and they are not the orders I'm giving you.

CTO YU: This isn't chain of command, it's survival. The more of us there are, the more likely we live.

OFFICER KEEN: My obligations as acting commander don't turn on their convenience. Get out of the water.

CTO YU: If I get into trouble, I'll send you my coordinates.

OFFICER KEEN: I can't let you go alone.

CTO YU: Then come with me.

OFFICER KEEN: You don't leave me much choice.

[Received emergency transmission from Second Officer Keen, two hours after last activity]

OFFICER KEEN: Rendezvous was a failure. Intercepted a transmission from Alterra HQ, seems they sent a data package to the Aurora. We were intercepted by a leviathan class predator before we could reach the ship. Consider the CTO and I lost at sea. Be safe. Keen... out.


  • As Keen was the acting commander of the Aurora after its crash, his name could be a reference to Commander Keen, a popular video game series for computer platforms in the early 1990s. This includes a later reboot title by the same name for the Gameboy Color.