The Seamoth Depth Module MK1 is an upgrade module that increases the dive depth of the Seamoth to 300 meters. It can be added by placing the module in the upgrade panel, located on the left side of the Seamoth.

It can be fabricated in the Vehicle Upgrade Console's fabricator. It can also be obtained from the Seamoth Bay in the Aurora.

The effects of the Seamoth Depth Module MK1 do not stack but it can be improved by upgrading it to Seamoth Depth Module MK2 or Seamoth Depth Module MK3 using the Modification Station.


Titanium IngotGlassGlassArrow-right (1)Vehicle Upgrade ConsoleArrow-right (1)Seamoth Depth Module MK1

Uses in Crafting

Seamoth Depth Module MK1Plasteel IngotMagnetiteMagnetiteEnameled GlassArrow-right (1)Modification StationArrow-right (1)Seamoth Depth Module MK2