The seaglide will increase your effective exploration range. For your safety please pack supplies for long journeys, and always stay within 5km of the nearest lifepod or habitat.


― PDA, Dialogue


The Seaglide is a handheld deployable vehicle which increases the user's top speed when held. It can be crafted by using the Fabricator. The Seaglide takes up six slots (2x3) in the player's Inventory. It has a top Speed of 18.5 Knots or 9.5m/s (34km/h).

The Seaglide consumes energy when used. When the energy of the Seaglide is depleted, it is rendered unusable. The empty Battery can be replaced with a new one using the R key to select a replacement from the players held batteries. On a full charge, the Seaglide can travel approx. 3800 meters (38m/1%).

The Seaglide also possesses a small 3D map of the immediate terrain as well as a built-in energy gauge. It also has a flashlight that can be toggled on and off with the right mouse button. The flashlight does use energy. Toggling the flashlight (using the right mouse button) 3 times consecutively will toggle the map on or off.

Seaglide speed does not stack with the speed boost Fins give, and Standard O2 Tanks do not slow down its movement speed.

Seaglide Fragments can be found in the Kelp Forest and in Safe Shallows

While wearing Swim Charge Fins, the Seaglide does not run out of power as it recharges faster than depletes. It is unknown if this will be changed.


The Seaglide can be carried in the inventory and must be assigned to the Toolbar to be used. When used, it drastically increases the swimming speed of the player. Currently, it doesn't have a Depth limit, and thus functions anywhere the player goes.


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Data Bank Entry

The seaglide is a personal transportation device designed for use in oceanic environments.

  • Capable of speeds of up to 36km/h in standing water
  • Displays basic topographical data for aid in charting cave systems
  • Replaceable battery
  • Keep fingers clear of propeller

'The Seaglide: Anything that moves faster underwater is probably trying to eat you.'


Future Plans

  • The Seaglide map will be updated in the future. [1]


  • The Seaglide works in the same way as a handheld DPV (diver propulsion vehicle).
  • There is a removed, upgraded variant of the Seaglide named the Powerglide, which traveled 3x faster than the Seaglide.