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An example of a seabase

Subnautica Habitat Update Example Sea-Base09:35

Subnautica Habitat Update Example Sea-Base

A Habitat example from the official Subnautica Channel

Seabases are installations created by the player through the use of the Habitat Builder tool.

Habitat Compartment Modules are available to allow the creation of unique Seabases. Their primary application is to provide an area where the player can return for oxygen, and to serve as an alternative to Lifepod 5 as a base of operations. In Survival and Freedom mode, the player will return to the last Seabase they visited when they die (unless they last visited a Cyclops or Lifepod 5).

The main benefits of a Seabase are the ability to have more storage space, grow food, access to Appliances not available in the Lifepod, and to add aesthetic options. Seabases also grant the player a safe haven far away from the Safe Shallows they start in.

The player will start out with most of the blueprints they need for a basic Seabase; at bare minimum one needs a Compartment, a Hatch, and a power generator (the Solar Panel is unlocked by default). The initial compartment must be built on the ground (or a Foundation; not necessary but provides a flat surface to work with and a boost to hull integrity), but any attached compartment can overhang without any issue, allowing bases to be built over cliffsides. While modules such as the Multipurpose Room have to be discovered first, this beginner base will still allow for the basic functions of Oxygen resupply, and a place to put storage and a spare Fabricator. The player can then choose to relocate or expand once they've gathered more Blueprints.

Seabases can be customized in the same way as the Cyclops through the installation of Lockers, Wall Lockers, Fabricators, Benches, Signs, Aquariums, and much more. 

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Degasi Seabases can be found at the center and on the tops of the mountains of the Floating IslandJelly Shroom Caves, and Deep Grand Reef. These abandoned Seabases provide blueprints for additional base components that the player doesn't have access to by default, such as the Multipurpose Room or the Observatory. The remaining base components, as well as power generators, appliances and furniture, can be found in various Wrecks.

Hull Integrity Edit

Seabase interior

Hull Integrity refers to the ability of the player's Seabase to withstand the pressure of the surrounding water. The majority of the modules will lower the integrity once added but the amount will vary by module. As Seabases are built at a greater depth the integrity reduction caused by each module will increase. Hull integrity can be increased by constructing Reinforcement panels, placing a Seabase on or near a Foundation (foundations built on top of rooms will still provide their benefit), or installing Bulkheads on the ends of Compartment modules.

When the hull integrity of a Seabase is less than or equal to zero, it will begin to form hull breaches. Any corridor or room that is connected to the breach will fill but Bulkheads allow the player to compartmentalize the base and prevent floodwaters from moving between compartments. However, if the integrity remains below zero then eventually every compartment will develop a leak and the base will fill completely with water. To avoid this, quickly increase the integrity (either by adding strengthening components, or removing weak components) and fix all hull breaches in the base using a Repair Tool.

A Seabase that receives damage to its exterior (or even a knife hit from inside) will also spring leaks, but the hull integrity will be unaffected. Therefore, bulkheads are more effective at sealing off flooding if the base comes under attack.

Energy Usage Edit

Energy can be provided to a Seabase by building various types of generators near or inside the Seabase. Any number or combination can be used. Appliances such as the Fabricator will drain energy from the Seabase.

There are four generators available to power Seabases:

Seabases do not require energy to operate devices in Creative Mode. A notable exception to this is the ability to dock a Seamoth in a Moonpool, which does require power.

The following Appliances draw power from the Seabase:


Seabases produce Oxygen natively, but require power to do so. If the power is depleted, the Seabase will slowly lose oxygen, until it is completely gone. 

How to Build a Seabase Edit

  1. Find a suitable flat piece of land.
  2. Equip the Habitat Builder, click the RMB or Right Trigger (Xbox One) to bring up a crafting menu.
  3. In Habitat Compartments tab, select the desired module.
  4. Look at the desired building place (the outline of the module will become green if the location is valid).
  5. Adjust the rotation by scrolling the mouse wheel on PC, using right and left bumpers on Xbox One, or using Q and E or [ and ] on Laptop
  6. Place the module by clicking the LMB or "A" Button (Xbox One)
  7. Once placed, hold the LMB, or "A" Button (Xbox One) to finish the building process.
  8. Go to Step 2 and repeat.

If the player wants to deconstruct a Seabase module, equip the Habitat Builder and hold "Q" (on PC/Mac) or "X" Button (Xbox One) while facing the module. If enough space is available, all materials used to create the module will be returned to the player's Inventory, one item at a time. Note that everything attached to a Basic Compartment or Multipurpose Room must be deconstructed before the module can be deconstructed.

Sounds Edit

The Seabase's AI plays various messages that correspond to different circumstances.

Welcome message Edit

This message will play upon entering a Seabase.

Welcome aboard captain
  • The message does not play every time the player enters their Seabase; it appears that the player must be outside their Seabase for a certain period of time before it will play again.

Power lossEdit

If no power source is connected to your Seabase, this message will play upon entering instead of the Welcome message.

  • This message is also triggered when an appliance or room reduces a Seabase's power to 0.

Power restoration Edit

When the power to the Seabase is restored, the AI will play this message.


Hull integrity restoration Edit

This message plays after the player completely repairs their Seabase.

  • The message can also be triggered after flooding has occurred by entering an undamaged module and sealing its entrances/exits with bulkheads.

Available Modules Edit

Modules Description Hull Integrity
Water Park
Alien Containment
Provides optimal conditions for flora and fauna. Add a hatch to enter. 0 Units
Structural support and can stop water flow (+2HP). +2.0 Units
Basic Compartment
Basic tubular compartment (-1HP). -1.0 Unit
I-Corridor Glass
Glass Compartment
Basic glass-walled compartment (-2HP). -2.0 Units
L Corridor
L Compartment
L-shaped compartment (-1HP). -1.0 Unit
L-Corridor Glass
L Glass Compartment
L-shaped glass compartment (-2HP). -2.0 Units
T Corridor
T Compartment
T-shaped compartment (-1HP). -1.0 Unit
X Corridor
X Compartment
X-shaped compartment (-1HP). -1.0 Unit
Reinforced habitat foundation (+2HP). +2.0 Units
Needed to enter base (-1HP). -1.0 Unit
For connecting two floors. 0 Units
Wall Planter
Living Wall
Wall-mounted foliage. Purely decorational. 0 Units
Moon Pool
Vehicle docking bay (-5HP). -5.0 Units
Multipurpose Room
Basic room (1.25HP). -1.25 Units
Look at the ocean life around you (-3HP). -3.0 Units
Increases hull strength (+7HP). +7.0 Units
Scanner Room
Scanner Room
Scanner Room. -1 Units
Fixed lighting solution. 0 Units
Seamoth Modification Station
Vehicle Modification Station
Build this in the moonpool to upgrade docked vehicles. 0 Units
Vertical Connector
Vertical Connector
Vertical base connector (-0.5HP). -0.5 Units
Water Filtration Machine
Water Filtration Machine
Separates water and salt. -1.0 Units
Observatory window (-1HP). -1.0 Unit
  • Please note that negative changes to hull integrity do increase with depth. For more information see Hull Integrity.

Future Updates Edit

  • Future updates will allow plants to produce Oxygen naturally, eliminating the immediate need for power to provide a Seabase with Oxygen.
    • This has since been delayed.
  • A 'Docking Hatch' for the Cyclops is planned to be added in future updates, allowing the player to physically connect their Cyclops with their Seabase. You'll be able to connect a special corridor with the Cyclops, which will act like a hatch.
  • A 'Waterlock' is shown in the concept art, that would allow the player to connect the Alien Containment with the exterior of their Seabase. The exact purpose for this is unknown, and it is currently uncertain if it will be added in future updates.
  • Attacks on Seabases by creatures may be added in future updates.[1]

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Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

For a more complete gallery, visit Seabases/Gallery.

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