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This article is about the Sea Emperor Juvenile. You may be looking for the Sea Emperor.

The Sea Emperor Juvenile is an in-development passive life form belonging to the Fauna category.

In the future, five Sea Emperor Eggs will be found in the aquarium of the Primary Containment Facility, being kept alive by the Precursor Egg Incubator.

These eggs are unable to hatch due to the environment in the Emperor aquarium being designed to match the ideal conditions for an adult Sea Emperor, rather than a Sea Emperor Juvenile. As a result, the Precursors planned to use the unborn Emperors as a cure for Carar, as their parent was not a viable source of Enzyme 42. Due to this, the eggs themselves are hundreds of years old.

These eggs must be hatched by using certain items at some point in the story. In order to hatch them, the player will need to collect various flora in order to create Hatching Enzymes. These enzymes will trigger the eggs to hatch, and allow the Juveniles to be born.

After hatching, the Juveniles will play with their parent, the Sea Emperor, for a short time. Their parent will then escort them to Precursor Teleporters, which they will leave the Primary Containment Facility through. One of the babies may stay behind, however. Adolescent Emperors will be spawned in the world after this.

The Sea Emperor Juveniles, like their parent, are also able to produce Enzyme 42, albeit in larger qualities. Once the Juveniles have hatched, the adult Sea Emperor will stop producing Enzyme 42, most likely to allow its children to start. 


The Juveniles mostly resemble adult Sea Emperors in appearance, though there are a few differences in their proportions.

  • The head has a much narrower appearance
  • The eyes are much larger in comparison to the head than those of an adult Sea Emperor
  • The mandibles are smaller and are further away from the mouth
  • The arms are much shorter and more rounded
  • The upper body is far shorter, though the lower body is mostly the same proportion-wise.
  • They have a defined neck, unlike adult Sea Emperors.
  • Where an adult Sea Emperor has two large structures on either side of the head, a juvenile has two small lumps.


The Sea Emperor Juveniles are offspring of the last surviving Sea Emperor, having been prevented from hatching due to the Precursor Egg Incubator keeping them from doing so naturally. The player must gather various flora in order to create Hatching Enzymes, which will then allow the eggs to finally hatch.

Data Bank EntryEdit

A juvenile emperor specimen. This species hatches relatively fully formed and independent, perhaps reflecting the fact they must fend for themselves when they are first born away from their parent/s.

This specimen is healthy, and exhibiting signs of a positive attitude to life. It is also producing a highly potent form of the enzyme, which may be capable of fully curing individuals of the alien bacterium.

Gallery Edit


  • The reference for some of the animations of the Juvenile Sea Emperors was the child of the animator, Louis Karim.

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