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The Sea Crown is the rarest type of flora in Subnautica, with only thirteen in existence. It is found exclusively in the Koosh Zone, the Dunes Sinkhole and certain Grassy Plateaus Caves.

By cutting the plant with a knife, the player can harvest Sea Crown Seeds.


The Sea Crown consists of a bioluminescent translucent bladder held together by its small stalks, having yellow and green patterns running along the top. The stalks holding the Sea Crown's bladder are bright green, yellow-tipped in color.

Data Bank EntryEdit

This plant consists primarily of a large bladder-like sack containing a huge variety of bacterial species, which may enable it to break down complex compounds it draws from the root system. Shares large sections of genetic code with the membrain tree. Environment scans indicate this plant is rare to the point of extinction.



  • The Sea Crown resembles a Portuguese man o' war, which is itself a composite lifeform.

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