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The scanner can be used to synthesize blueprints from salvaged technology, and to record alien biological data.


― PDA, Dialogue


The Scanner is a tool capable of scanning fragments, lifeforms, technology, the Player, and other objects scattered around the map. Fragments must be scanned to create blueprints; to acquire the blueprints of a particular item, the player must scan its corresponding fragments, the number of which varies based on the object. The Scanner can also scan life forms and Harvesting Nodes, adding their specific entries into the PDA.

If the player equips a Scanner and points the crosshair at a scannable object, a white circle (a progress indicator) appears in the middle of the screen. If the Scanner is not out and the player has not yet scanned the targeted object, a small Scanner icon will appear in the bottom right of the screen to inform the player. It takes about ten seconds to finish scanning; if scanning is interrupted, the player can resume scanning with no loss of progress. The Scanner has a range of 5 meters.

Fauna can be scanned multiple times. The Scanner display will show "NORMAL" or "INFECTED" for approximately 4 seconds each time a scan is made.

The player can be scanned, as well, by pressing the F key. It will give information as to whether the player is infected or not and, if the player is infected, shows the progress of the infection in the player's body. See the player page for all Entries.

The Scanner requires a Battery to operate, and will be unusable if its battery is depleted. Its battery can be replaced by equipping the Scanner and pressing the R key. 


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  • The Scanner replaced the Fragment Analyzer and the Botanical Analysis Machine, which were originally only for analyzing fragments and scanning flora, respectively.
  • The Alterra logo is sported on the top right corner of the Scanner's screen.