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We can't send a rescue ship all the way out there, so Aurora, you're just gonna have to meet us halfway.

― Alterra HQ


The Neptune Escape Rocket is an in-development vehicle that will be used to leave Planet 4546B. It will consist of five constructible parts; the Neptune Launch Platform, the Neptune Gantry, Neptune Stage 1, Neptune Stage 2, and Neptune Stage 3. The Neptune Launch Platform can be built using the Mobile Vehicle Bay, while the other four components are built on the launch platform.

Do not attempt to build the Neptune Launch Platform during its development stage, as this will consume your materials and not build it.



The Player can find the blueprints for the Neptune Launch Platform inside the Captain's Quarters of the Aurora. The door will be locked, but can be accessed using the entry code, which is 2679. Accessing the data entry will unlock the Neptune Launch Platform, Gantry, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 Blueprints.

Neptune Launch Platform

The Neptune Launch Platform is a very large floating barge with ladders on each side. In the middle is a circular indentation where the rocket will sit. On one side will be a terminal used to construct the individual rocket segments, and can be used to rename and recolor the rocket once it has been fully completed. The terminal possesses fabrication drones similar to the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

Neptune Gantry

The Neptune Gantry is the second component of the Neptune Rocket. It consists of a small metal pillar with a bridge (which eventually leads into the Neptune Rocket) and an elevator which will lift the player to the top of the gantry to access the cockpit.

Neptune Stage 1

The 1st stage of the Neptune Rocket consists of a cylindrical shape with launching clamps connected to it. This portion consists of the thrusters, and serves no personal function other than to progress to the other stage.

Neptune Stage 2

The 2nd stage adds more to the body of the rocket, including the hatch that leads inside, where the player can find a ladder leading up to the cockpit, as well as lockers surrounding the central column. Three levers can be found in this section as well, and it is required to pull them in order to launch. The engine is housed here as well.

Neptune Stage 3

The 3rd and final stage represents the main cockpit of the Neptune Rocket. Here the player can access the Time Capsule launcher, main CPU, life support systems, and the command chair which will initiate the launch to escape Planet 4546B.

The rocket will not launch unless the Quarantine Enforcement Platform has been disabled.


Please Note that these crafting recipes are due to change through development, and will most probably not require reactor rods and ion power cells when completed.

Neptune Launch Platform
LeadLeadTitanium IngotTitanium IngotComputer ChipArrow-right (1)Mobile Vehicle BayArrow-right (1)Rocket Base
Neptune Gantry
Plasteel IngotPlasteel IngotCopper WireCopper WireLubricantLubricantArrow-right (1)Rocket BaseArrow-right (1)Neptune Gantry
Neptune Stage 1
Plasteel IngotPlasteel IngotNickel OreNickel OreAerogelAerogelWiring KitArrow-right (1)Rocket BaseArrow-right (1)Neptune Stage 2
Neptune Stage 2
Plasteel IngotReactor RodReactor RodAdvanced Wiring KitKyanite×4Arrow-right (1)Rocket BaseArrow-right (1)Neptune Stage 1
Neptune Stage 3
Cyclops Shield GeneratorPlasteel IngotPlasteel IngotEnameled GlassComputer ChipComputer ChipIon Power CellIon Power CellArrow-right (1)Rocket BaseArrow-right (1)Neptune Stage 3

Data Bank Entry

This blueprint set was developed at Alterra headquarters specifically to get you off 4546B and back to the nearest phasegate. It takes into account local gravity, astronomical data and available resources, and is piloted by AI. It consists of five independently constructible elements:

  • Launch Platform: Floating platform provides a solid base from which to launch the rocket
  • Gantry: Provides structural support
  • Stage 1: Primary thrusters for reaching atmosphere escape velocity
  • Stage 2: Secondary thrusters activated in orbit
  • Stage 3: Cockpit

Warning: Onboard AI will not launch if local threats are detected.

Future Plans

  • The Neptune Launch Platform will be crafted using an Ion Cube Matrix.
  • The Neptune Escape Rocket will be released in version 1.0.

For more information, please visit this Trello page.