The subject of this article may not be implemented prior to Version 1.0 and information is limited!

The Rock Puncher was a planned species of fauna that has been put on hold and may be implemented after the full release of the game.[1]


The Rock Puncher has a bulky body, entirely armoured, it has six articulated feet and two arms at the front. Attached to the arms are two large masses, presumably these are used to deliver powerful strikes against hard objects. As punching the rocks, it would remove it or "terraform".

The Rock Puncher has four eyes at the front and two mandibles underneath the eyes. At its back, it has a shrimp-like tail. The Rock Puncher's underside is gray with a green shade while its back is yellow with red patterns. Its arms and legs are an orange-red hue, with their ends being a dark brown color.

Future Plans

  • Due to the planned removal of terraforming, which was an original aspect of the Rock Puncher, there is doubt on whether it would be implemented.



  • The Rock Puncher's design is most likely based on the mantis shrimp.
  • Early animations for the Rock Puncher can be found here.
  • Gamefiles refer to the Rockgrub as "Rock Puncher Larva" but an early Trello card refers to them as "RockPuncher Food" [2].


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