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Radiation is a damaging effect that surrounds the Aurora after its explosion. Once the player enters the radiation zone, a warning will appear on the HUD and the noise of a Geiger counter can be heard. The player will gradually take damage from Radiation exposure, which will stop once the player exits the Radiation zone. As the player gets closer to the ship the screen will become fuzzy and blurred.

However, the player can craft a Radiation Suit which will protect against Radiation. After the player has repaired the leaks in the Aurora's generator room, the Radiation zone will vanish entirely after three days, allowing exploration of the Aurora and Crash Zone without the Radiation Suit.

AI warnings before the Explosion Edit

The PDA reports the Aurora's state before its explosion.

1. Warning

  • First report about the Aurora's state.

2. Warning

  • At this stage, the player is advised to begin gathering materials for the Radiation Suit.

3. Warning

  • It is advised to have a Radiation Suit at this stage.

4. Warning

  • The last report about the Aurora's state. The player now has 23 seconds to craft it and equip it from the beginning of this message.


  • The Aurora's central dark matter reactor reaches a supercritical state, and the Aurora explodes.

After the ExplosionEdit

After the explosion of the Aurora, Radiation will leak from the drive core and spread to a set distance from the ship (in a radius of 940m around the x=1040 z=-160 coordinates), covering large parts of the game world including the eastern edge of the spawn zone in the Safe Shallows.

The Radiation zone will stay at this range until the player repairs the leaks in the generator room with the Repair Tool. After repairing the leaks, the Radiation zone will dissipate after three days and ten hours.

Biomes Affected Edit

Biomes most affected by the radiation are:

Biomes with partial exposure on their easternmost edges are:

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