The Purple Brain Coral is a common coral species. It produces bubbles refilling 10 units of oxygen per bubble.

It can also be harvested for Purple Brain Coral Samples by using the knife.

Appearance Edit

The Purple Brain Coral has a purple, hemispheric body. The bubbles are released from the circular protrusions with green holes in them that cover the body of the Purple Brain Coral.

Behaviour Edit

The fact that the Purple Brain Coral spawns in caves is very helpful and in some cases life-saving, as it spawns three oxygen bubbles at a time, filling up the player's oxygen level by a total of 30 points.

Purple Brain Corals produce bubbles at day and at night.

Data Bank Entry Edit


A permanent, growing colony of microscopic organisms. This coral species has adapted to filter carbon dioxide for the environment, using the carbon to build the colony, and expelling the oxygen from specialized exhaust funnels.

Assessment: Exploitable