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This article is about the Primary Containment Facility. You may be looking for the Disease Research Facility.
"References to the emperor containment facility in the data are scarce, but its location is suggested to be somewhere with volcanic activity, at a depth of approximately 1200m"

The Primary Containment Facility (PCF), also known as the Emperor Facility or Sea Emperor Prison, is an in-development Precursor Base located within the Active Lava Zone that will serve as the final major story location. It was built by the Precursors around one thousand years ago and is where the last Sea Emperor is contained, along with the five remaining Sea Emperor Eggs. There are two entrances to the cavern containing the Facility; currently located at -300 -1270 -150 and 90 -1240 360 , southeast and directly north of the Lava Castle, respectively.

This facility will require the blue Precursor Artifact to unlock, which is currently found inside the Precursor Thermal Power Generator.


The Facility, like the other Precursor Bases, was built a little under one thousand years ago. It was purpose-built to contain the Sea Emperor after it was discovered that it was immune to Carar. The aquarium section was originally all inorganic with several teleporter hubs set up (though none large enough to allow the Sea Emperor's escape). However, as creatures began migrating into it, they brought with them flora seeds along with loose sand and mud. Over time, the aquarium became a thriving ecosystem with the Sea Emperor at the heart. At an unknown date, the Sea Emperor laid five eggs, which the Precursors took and placed in the Precursor Egg Incubator, as the aquarium was not a suitable environment for the eggs to hatch, and had deduced that the eggs would be a more viable source of the cure, rather than their parent.

Data Bank EntriesEdit

These entries are from various artifacts kept in the Primary Containment Facility some of human origin, some of Precursor origin and some from other, unidentified alien species.

This alien device appears to be designed to eliminate all organic substances in range by emitting a lethal, but contained radioactive field.

This device is some form of communications relay, apparently projecting the presence of the user to a remote location. There do not seem to be any other devices in range.

This device is a rudimentary version of the keys used to access these facilities. It may have been kept here for symbolic purposes, or legacy support.

It is unclear why technology of this sophistication has not been found elsewhere on the planet. Its production may have been restricted, or too costly, or it may have been pillaged from a more ancient civilization.

This carving is hundreds of thousands of years old, and made from an unrecognized natural fiber, likely grown on an as yet undiscovered planet.

Despite its simple design, this device contains enough potential energy to destroy the entire planet, and most of the solar system. Fortunately, it has malfunctioned.

This weapon appears to be millions of years old, and matches no previously encountered technologies.

An ancient earth blade, dated back to the 13th century mongolian empire. Blood samples on the blade match the DNA of seven separate heads of state from the period.

This case is composed of an impregnable, translucent metal at the distant end of the periodic table. Scans do not reveal any contents.

This case contains highly sophisticated nanobots capable of infiltrating a foreign body and deconstructing it from the inside.

Future Plans Edit

  • The Primary Containment Facility will be divided in 2 main areas, the antechamber and the aquarium.
  • The antechamber will contain an airlock and various teleporters to different biomes and the other Precursor Bases - the receivers for these teleporters will be found scattered throughout the world.
  • The large, central, column of light seen in the Antechamber concept art will function as an Ion Crystal fabricator[1], creating drillable Ion Crystals which can then be drilled by the player. The crafting recipe is currently unknown.
  • The antechamber will branch off into different areas including the moonpool, teleporter rooms, and labs.
  • The aquarium will feature a moonpool and the Precursor Egg Incubator. 
  • Various cutscenes and animations will be shown here, ranging from simple Sea Emperor swimming animations to a dramatic final reveal involving the Sea Emperor eggs. One cutscene will include the Sea Emperor investigating the player when he first enters the aquarium, then swimming off after judging the player as harmless.
  • Warpers will warp into the aquarium and attempt to kill the player. 
  • Many species of fauna and flora will be found in the Primary Containment Facility, aggressive fauna will also be passive to the player while in the aquarium. Aggressive fauna will also defend the player from Warpers.
  • This facility will contain objects taken from other alien races, including humans.[2]

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The previous name for the Primary Containment Facility was the Primary Research Facility.
  • The data bank entry regarding the ancient earth blade may be a possible reference to Genghis Khan, an infamous emperor from 13th century Mongolia.
  • Several relics that will be found in the Primary Containment Facility are reused assets from Future Perfect, another game by Unknown Worlds.

References Edit


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