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Alien Caches are abandoned structures built by the Precursors primarily used as a sanctuary that the Precursors could transfer their minds into. They can contain various Precursor Technology, such as Ion Cubes and Data Terminals

Found within the sanctuaries and laboratory are data hubs, these data hubs are designed to contain the minds and history of Precursors whose physical forms have died, each hub having an Ion Cube on top of it for ceremonial purposes.

Three Alien Caches serving as sanctuaries can be found located in a cave in the Deep Sparse Reef, right next to the Sea Treader's Path Wreck (Wreck 7), deep within a cave in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, and inside an impact crater left behind by a meteor in the Dunes. These three Alien Caches require a Purple Tablet to gain access.


Located within a small cave inside the Deep Sparse Reef, this Alien Cache is sealed by a forcefield door that can only be opened with a Purple Tablet. At the far end of this Alien Cache a data terminal can be found. Three data hubs can be found in both the left and right sides of the Alien Cache, six Ion Cubes can be found on top of these.


Located in a small cave, five hundred and sixty meters down in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, this Alien Cache is also sealed by a forcefield door that requires a Purple Tablet to open. This Alien Cache features a data terminal in the center and four data hubs, two on either side of the terminal.


This Alien Cache is accessed through a meteor impact crater in the Dunes. The main chamber is reached through a long winded tunnel and is sealed by another forcefield door, which is also only accessed through a purple tablet. The tunnel continues into the main chamber, which contains four data hubs and one data terminal. Flora are also found scattered in the chamber, with occasional boulders on the ground and stalactites hanging from the ceiling. It is possible to take the Prawn Suit past the forcefield door, but the tunnel becomes too narrow to bring it any further; because of how long the tunnel is from the entrance, it is advised to leave a vehicle as close as possible for air resupply.


An Alien Cache is found in the Ghost Canyon in the Lost River. It was set up to study a skeleton belonging to an unidentified species within the cave. This Alien Cache is a laboratory rather than a sanctuary. This Alien Cache requires the Orange Tablet found in the Deep Grand Reef Degasi Base to unlock.

Lost River Laboratory

This Alien Cache is located in a cave accessed through the Lost River's Ghost Canyon. Outside of the Alien Cache is a large skeleton of an unidentified fauna with many lights shining onto it. Instead of being accessed with a Purple Tablet, this Alien Cache requires an Orange Tablet to be granted access. Inside the Alien Cache three containers with bone samples and three containers with local fauna samples can be found, there are various pieces of Precursor lab equipment scattered around as well as three Ion Cubes at the far end. A Cuddle Fish Egg can be found on the workbench at the far right of the cave. There is also an entrance/exit that leads out of the cave and into the Blood Kelp Trench. Crabsquid can be found in this cave.

Laboratory Data Bank Entries (expand)

Alien Bone Specimen Case

These fossils likely came from an ancient ancestor of the leviathans which inhabit the planet today.

Alien Flora Specimen Case

This local fauna is being held in stasis. The aliens evidently sought an extensive knowledge of the planet's ecosystem.

Alien Research Equipment

The large laboratory table and accompanying scanners incorporate technologies far beyond our current level of understanding.

Hypotheses: - Equipment maintenance - Staff maintenance - Specimen analysis - Specimen gene manipulation

Research Probes

The prominence and facing of these alien devices suggests they are some kind of probe or sensor. Their subject would seem to be the vast skeleton in the center of the cavern. The attached cable network may lead to a remote power station or data hub.

Assessment: Investigate


Alien Caches containing Alien Arches are scattered throughout the world, located in the Northwestern Mushroom Forest, the Crag Field, the Ghost Forest, the Floating Island, the Mountain Island and the Bulb Zone. Each of these Alien Caches link back to the Primary Containment Facility except for the Floating Island Alien Cache and the Mountain Island Alien Cache which link to each other.

Arch Caches

This Alien Cache is found in a drop off beside the border with the Crash Zone in the Bulb Zone. It features many stalagmites and stalagtites within, like the Crag Field Arch Cache. The Alien Arch located within links to the Primary Containment Facility. Growing Voxel Shrubs can also be found here.


This Alien Cache is found in the Crag Field and links to the Primary Containment Facility. It is located in the deeper areas of the Crag Field, and is notably larger than the Mushroom Forest Cache. It also features many stalactites on the ceiling, but with paths and trenches along them. Growing Voxel Shrubs can be found scattered along the whole Alien Cache, along with Pink Caps and Speckled Rattlers. The player can also walk inside the Alien Cache. Cave Crawlers and Alien Robots are also present within this Alien Cache.


Floating Island= This Alien Cache is found in a large cave within the Floating Island. It houses an Alien Arch connecting to the Mountain Island. The Alien Cache houses Speckled Rattlers and Pink Caps and various unnamed Flora. It also has two entrances, the first is found in a small heap on the surface of the Island while the other is found on a small ledge just above the lake in the middle of the Island.


This Alien Cache is located within the Ghost Forest, near the border with the Northern Blood Kelp Zone. It contains many Precursor Lamps, Ghost Roots and a single large Ghost Tree. At the back of the Cache is the Alien Arch, which links to the Primary Containment Facility. It is surrounded by even more Precursor Lamps.


This Alien Cache is found in a small cave near the top of the Mountain Island. It houses an Alien Arch connecting to the Floating Island. The cave houses several clusters of Pink Caps, Speckled Rattlers and Salt Deposits. This Alien Arch Cache is the only one to have a Master Alien Arch as opposed to a Slave Alien Arch.


This Alien Cache is found in the Northwestern Mushroom Forest and links to the Primary Containment Facility. It is found in a small cave in a trench near the outskirts of the forest. The player is able to walk on the seafloor inside the Alien Cache. It features many stalactites on the ceiling and various types of unnamed Flora.