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This article contains unmarked spoilers, players new to the game would want to avoid or be cautious toward this article.

This article is about the Alien Artifacts. You may be looking for the Alien Artifact Terminal.

Alien Artifacts or "Precursor Keys" are in-development items required to access the Precursor Bases or Structures.

The Artifacts are very odd in appearance. They are quite large and are similar to an SD card in shape, and they feature various holes and attachments.

All five Alien Artifacts can be obtained by typing precursorkeys and can also be acquired separately by typing item precursorkey_[colour] into the console. The purple, orange, white, and red Artifacts occupy a single inventory slot with the blue Artifact occupying four (2x2).

The Red and White Alien Artifacts currently have no use and will most likely go unused in the future. [1]

Purple Artifact Edit

Pecursor Symbol 05

The Purple Artifact is usually the first Artifact to be found, and is very frequently used in a number of locations. There are currently eight found in the game. The Quarantine Enforcement Platform requires three to unlock the upper entrance, the anti-gravity elevator, and the control room. The three Artifacts needed to unlock these doors can be found onsite; two on Mountain Island, and one inside the facility in the room before the deactivation terminal. A fourth can be found in the Abandoned Seabase on the Floating Island. The rest can be found in Mountain Island's Caves. The player can craft Purple Artifacts after scanning the broken Artifact in front of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform's land entrance using an Ion Crystal and two Diamonds using the Fabricator.

The Purple Artifact can be used optionally to access the Dunes, Sparse Reef and the Blood Kelp Zone Precursor Caches. It is also used to unlock certain doors in the Precursor Thermal Power Generator and Disease Research Facility.

Orange Artifact Edit

Pecursor Symbol 02

The Orange Artifact can be found in the Deep Grand Reef Abandoned Seabase on a desk, and is presumed to be what Marguerit Maida discovered, as shown in this log. This Artifact is used to access the Lost River Laboratory.

Blue Artifact Edit

Pecursor Symbol 03

The Blue Artifact can be found in the Precursor Thermal Power Generator, and will be used to access the Primary Containment Facility.

Recipe Edit

Ion CrystalDiamondDiamondArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Purple Artifact

Data Bank Entry Edit

Algae growth on the exterior of this device indicates it was abandoned hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago. Despite its age, its power source appears to be functional. It may be compatible with other alien technologies.

Gallery Edit


  • Originally the Purple, Red, White and Orange Artifacts took up four (2x2) inventory slots like the Blue Artifact.


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