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The Power Transmitter is a Power module that extends the range of a power source. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can be placed on the seabed. It can also be damaged and destroyed by striking it three times with the Survival Knife.

The Power Transmitter connects to nearby power sources (such as Solar Panels and Thermal Plants) and transmits their power to a Seabase or another Power Transmitter. A glowing blue line will be generated between the Power Transmitter and any objects that it is connected to. A Power Transmitter has a range of about 100 meters from another power transmitter and about 25 meters straight from the energy generator; a "power line" of transmitters can be built to transfer power over a long distance. The Power Transmitter will not connect to a power source if a direct, unobstructed line cannot be established, though it will connect to other Power Transmitters.

Before it can be constructed, a single Power Transmitter Fragment must be scanned with the Scanner. The Fragments can be found in the Mushroom Forest or in Wrecks.


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  • The Power Transmitter was the last item in Subnautica to receive a final model.