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This article is about the Power Cell Charger. You may be looking for the Battery Charger.

The Power Cell Charger is an Appliance that can be built using the Habitat Builder.

The fragments are found in Wrecks in the Northwestern Mushroom Forest, Sea Treader's Path, and in the Jelly Shroom Caves.


The Power Cell Charger acts similarly to the Battery Charger, however it charges both Power Cells and Ion Power Cells instead of Batteries, and it can charge only two at a time, unlike the Battery Charger, which can charge 4 batteries at a time.

It has the appearance of two Power Cell shaped capsules side that will flip down in order to have a power cell placed in them for charging.

The Power Cell Charger features a screen that shows the charge percentage of each Power Cell.

The Power Cell Charger takes 21 minutes and 40 seconds to charge one Power Cell, at a cost of a bit over 39 Energy.


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