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A part of Planet 4546B, seen from space

Planet 4546B is the planet on which the Aurora and the Degasi crash-landed, and later the Sunbeam, and is where the story of Subnautica takes place.

The planet is plagued by a disease called Carar. Carar is a highly infectious alien bacterium discovered by the Precursor Race.

Overview Edit

Planet 4546B is completely covered in water, save for a few islands, and features a variety of submerged biomes. The Aurora is located a few meters above the surface, in relatively shallow water.

Planet 4546B features a full ecosystem of flora and fauna, as well as having two moons, one being very close to the planet, causing frequent solar eclipses.

Planet 4546B has a history of missing ships, dating back at least 30 years, yet the cause is still mystery to the human race, except for the player, that is. The previous inhabitants have massive structures in a couple of different areas.


Trivia Edit

  • Planet 4546B is most likely located in the Habitable Zone, a section in a solar system where life can thrive.
    • However, given the size of the sun seen during the loading screen, it is not possible for Planet 4546B to be within the Habitable Zone, but the ingame sun appears to be closer than in the loading screen. This is most likely a developer oversight, or purely artistic representation.
    • Another likely explanation is that the star 4546 is actually behind the viewer's perspective, out of the image.
  • According to IAU convention, this planet would be the first planet discovered to orbit the star 4546 (the convention says nothing of orbital proximity).
  • Planet 4546B may be based on the real-life planet Gliese 1214B, as both appear similar in appearance, and are both "water worlds".